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Sunday, July 17, 2011

There is beauty in maturity. Once the colors of the hydrangeas were bright and vibrant, but now they are subdued and calming evoking peace and simplicity. They grace the table with elegance not in a grab attention manner but a drawing one in naturally. Isn’t that like our Father in Heaven who wants us to be quiet long enough to tell us how much he loves us and to hear His response to what is on our hearts? So what is on your heart today?


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Star Autograph Quilt with Borders

Star Autograph Swap Blocks

Several years ago I participated in a block swap with a quilting group on Eons. The fabric selection was to be your choice of color using brights. Each block is 10" with various forms of signatures, some being machine embroidered but most are inscribed with permanent ink. Few chose to add buttons to make their blocks even more unique.

So today I finished putting the points sash on the outer edges. Now I need the perfect border fabric to pull all those bright colors together. Using Electric Quilt I determined that I needed a large print with the bright colors used in the blocks. Will I find it?

So I drove down to my favorite quilt shop, QBee Quilts, this afternoon. Fortunately it is only about 5 miles down the road from me to see if I could possibly find something that I had in mind. Voila! they did! So I hurried up and purchased it (well I did take time out to visit with the proprietor for a few minutes), ran down to the library to find a book on cd so I can spend the evening sewing and listening to Nicholas Sparks' "The Last Song." This will be a great way to spend a hot day--car registered 103 degrees and who knows what the heat index was with the high humidity. My sweet "Cassie" has been sitting in front of the fan, her hair blowing in the wind in order to keep cool.


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