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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Snow Scrolling and Tree Decorations

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope all are enjoying your holiday? My turkey is seasoned and ready to be stuffed with cornbread stuffing. Yum!

While other preparations are done and few more to complete I thought I would take a break and show the progress on the Tall Trim Christmas tree. The branches all have been feathered stitched.  Now I am quilting scrolling snow.

In the evenings I have been hand stitching ornaments while watching NetFlix - The West Wing and Longmire, both entertaining. I like keeping my hands busy. It helps keep them from wanting to pick up snack food.

The ornaments are cut from fabric that already are printed with the ornament design. Each is backed with fabric with batting inside. I have been using a back stitch to make sure the stitching is secured, especially since they are small and that there is a degree of difficulty getting them turned inside out.

Back to snow scrolling for awhile before heading back to the kitchen.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Feathering my Tree

In conversation with my husband I told him I was feathering my tree. He didn't understand what I was saying. He said no it's a feather in your cap. No I am putting feathers in my tree. He gives me this look as though I have lost my mind. So I explained I am using a quilting design called feathers. I am quilting my Tall Trim Christmas tree with feathers.

So yesterday morning, and this one I got up excitedly at 5:30 a.m to add more feathers.  It is now 7:03 a.m. and my sweet Cassie is yipping at my husband wanting him to share his homemade Oatmeal Pumpkin Raisin muffin. Well the peaceful morning is given away to the happy sounds of my family, though I do hear my husband telling Cassie to be quiet. He doesn't want to share his muffin.

I tend to rabbit trail in conversation so back to the feathers in the tree. This past weekend I began quilting on this ongoing tree that has been in process for a couple of years. Life events altered my days where there wasn't much time to sew or quilt. It feels so good! And I just might get this tree done in time for Christmas. If you have been following my blog you will know that is exactly what I said last year. I think I have a better chance of accomplishing the finish since things are more settled.

I noticed that quilting changes my focus from worry to creativity to restoration. That's good! Quilting also means blogging again. When opening up my blog I realized I needed to make some changes as the photos that were stored on Photobucket were no longer existent. In place of the pictures were large gray and white squares with Photobucket's name on them.  Arrghhh!! Photobucket now wants to charge $399.99 per year to upload pictures and etc. on their site. I wondered if many of my quilting blogging friends experienced this as well. My remedy was creating a new page on my blog that is hidden where I can store pictures. There I can copy and paste the picture location with the html script by right clicking the picture. It was so easy!


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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Well It Has Been A Long While

Blogging and quilting used to be very important aspects of my life. The last time I wrote a blog message was on my birthday - August 21, 2016.  Nine months have gone by. So much time that I didn't remember what my login password was to my blog.

But . . . things have changed.

It was in September 2016 that we learned that my husband had cancer. Our lives have changed significantly since that diagnosis. 

The Christmas tree quilt that I was working on in August is still not finished. It is ready to be sandwiched and some added decorations. I was aiming to have it completed for Christmas 2016. Just maybe it will be finished for Christmas 2017.

As it may be I may have a more lovelier yard than a finished quilt.  Stress and worries dissipate while physically working outside. It also helps to keep my weight in check.

I have lost almost 40 lbs since last summer. Most of it was intentional. I made a decision to be more healthy by tracking calories and working out at the gym. I was sitting more than 12 hours a day in front of the computer and read that exercise and moving more daily extends life.

The discipline paid off especially now that I have changed the foods I eat at a time when life became more stressful.

News of my husband's cancer spurred me on to learn how the foods we eat can stave off disease. Most of my diet is now organic plant food and whole food based, and meat is grass fed beef or range free raised chickens being fed non-GMO food products.

So this is a brief summary of what is happening in my life.

Just maybe I will get that Christmas tree done after all. The hour is growing late and I need my rest to handle what tomorrow has for me to do.

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!
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