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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday

Here I am still messing with the St. Louis 16 Patch Block. It's been hanging on the design board for a long time. It first looked like this. I did rearrange so  


that the coral blocks were spread out more evenly. But then I kept coming across other images of this same pattern and just couldn't reach a sense of satisfaction. 

I contemplated on creating a disappearing 16 block but didn't like how it would cut off points. Then I saw an image of one with the blocks on-point and loved that setting. It had a plain block for every other one. Since the blocks are 16" blocks I nixed that idea since it takes away too much of the scrappiness and makes the quilt way bigger than desired. Back to the drawing board or better the design board. I rearranged and played with the idea of sashing and setting the blocks on-point. Hmm this is appealing and different. 


So should the on-point blocks float?  This appealed to me.

How about keeping with pattern with set-in blocks? Oh I like this too.

Now I have a enough blocks to make one more quilt.

In the process of making 2 sets of 15" Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. One set is for a custom order and the other will be for My Etsy Shop. 

I had a whoopee moment last week as I made my first sale in My Etsy Shop a Raggedy Ann outfit.

 http://meadowmistdesigns.blogspot.com/2013/10/arrows-all-around.htmlAnother nice thing happened last week. It was a pay-forward sort of thing. So when that happens I want to do it in return. Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs created the pattern for Arrows All Around.

I just love this quilt . . . and she sent me the pattern!  Last evening, finally having a moment to read the pattern, I decided I needed to make this quilt. I visited her blog a few minutes ago and once again have been wowed away with her awesome quilt designs! If you have a moment take a peek.  You will see lots of eye candy other there!

That's all for the Works in Progress updates.

This week I am in high giddy mode having Modern Star Quilt being featured at 3 Linky Parties this week. To read more about it go here.

Linky parties I am attending: 

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced WIPs on Wednesdaysstitch by stitchsew many ways Sew Cute Tuesday

Happy quilting all,

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Second Quilt Entered in Bloggers Quilt Festival - Two Color Category

Well I debated as to whether to enter one more quilt into Amy's Creative Side's Bloggers Quilt Festival. I will be entering this quilt in the category of Two Color Quilts.

I don't think I was blogging at the time when making this quilt and I am quite thankful for taking time to make a label to even remember when I made this quilt that I am entering. For the most part the quilt has not been used other than to look pretty on a bed or hanging on my open bannister.

Today while taking pictures it was equivalent to looking at family snapshots taken and recalling the event. I was taken by surprise when I noticed the date it was completed, May 2008. Really? Has it been this long? I made this quilt for my hubby as he kept asking "Where's my quilt?" I had just finished a quilt for each of my sons and he wanted one.

The block is the Wyoming Star found on my Electric Quilt software with rotary instructions and templates printed from the program. So off to Mary Jo's Fabric Store I went to purchase fabric. Initially I had intended every block being a Wyoming Star with every other block having a white star vs. a dark blue star. All the blocks were made and I decided the blues were fighting each other and nixed the idea.

Every star was quilted in cross hatching 1/2" spacing. Since I quilted this on my Janome Gal domestic sewing machine this was quite an undertaking since the quilt measures at 94" x 69" which is a large quilt! Every line was marked using a long yard stick. The biggest challenge was making sure the lines were straight from top left corner to  bottom right corner. That bias line is a long one!

Every blank block has a feathered wreath with cross hatching in the center and corners. I used a stencil for marking the wreath. Though this quilt was free motion quilted I was not ready to cut loose and just stitch without a stencil. It took me about 2 1/2 months to quilt.

5 mini stars make up each corner of the border.

I love the quilting design in the sashing! It is feathered roping!
Isn't it gorgeous? And as you can see more cross hatching on the border. 

Back reveals the density of quilting. 

So did you wonder what happened to the other blocks?  They were made into another quilt top. Yikes! an unfinished WIP since 2008!! This hangs in my closest with 4 other large, large quilts.


This is my other quilt that I have entered in the Bloggers Quilt Festival under Home Machine Quilted Quilt.

Hope to see you at the festival!

Quilts From My Crayon Box
P.S. If you haven't yet visited Quilts from My Crayon Box go take a peek at all the fabulous quilts she is featuring this week. Every Sunday she hosts Stunning Stitchin Sunday. So I am a bit giddy she included one of my quilts, the Modern Star Block Quilt this week. Thank you Michele!! Read more about my Modern Star Quilt and see each of the blocks up close here.

P.S.S. Giddiness is over the top. Stitch by Stitch is featuring Modern Stars for "Anything Goes Mondays" too. Just click the button below to see the featured goodies and to join up with the linky party  Thanks so much Marlize!

And Fabric Story also featured  Modern Star Quilt this week for Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story. Again thank you, thank you!

I am linking up to:

stitch by stitchFresh Poppy Design

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side

AmysCreativeSideAmy's Creative Side is hosting her Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival. I anxiously awaited to join in the fun once I learned of  it! This festival is new to me but as I learn not really so new since this is the 6th year she has hosted a festival Spring and Fall.

This year's Fall Festival is October 25 - November 8.

There are 14 categories that you can choose to submit your quilty project.

For this Fall Festival 2013 I am choosing Home Machine Quilted Quilt.

Many of you may have seen my Craftsy Sampler Block of the Month quilt or quilt blocks as I posted for a couple of months progress of each block as I quilted them. Since it was a sampler quilt the quilting of each block is in essence a sampler of quilting designs that in most cases enhanced the block pattern. Some quilting doesn't show since it was competing with the busyness of the fabric design.

This post brings each block quilted to one page.

Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 Finished

Front and back of Craftsy Block of the Month 2012

Dresden Plates - Quilting is feathers and lines.

Hexies - Hexie strip has a feather wreath quilting on the background fabric.
 Hexie flower has been quilted with a  cross hatch design.

Drunkard's Path: Chain Block and Cleopatra's Puzzle - More feathers and cross hatching quilting designs

Paper Pieced: Friendship Circle Block and Circle of Geese Block - Again more feathers
and cross hatching quilting but more elaborate. Look how small the feather plumes are.

Strings Family: String Block and Broken Spider Web - Large feather design quilting on the strings quilt.
Broken Spider Web is a combo of feathers in the center and lines on the strings to give more appearance of webbing.

Stars: Double Star Block and Ohio Star

HST: Balkan Puzzle and Chunky Chevron Lots of feathering going on here and outlining blocks.

Octagon and Greek Cross

Log Cabin Family: Modern Log Cabin and Wonky 5-sided Log Cabin

Wonky Pound Sign and Asterik

This is where I quilted my quilts using my Janome Quilter's companion sewing machine and quilting table. Love my table since it has the back leaf extension with a cabinet on roller casters that allows me to pull out and have an extension on the left side to hold the weight of fabric. In this image I am quilting a t-shirt quilt. I have since rearranged my sewing room again but it is a disaster at the moment.

Thank you Amy for hosting Blogger's Quilt Festival. I am looking forward to seeing all the other entries.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Showcasing the Backs of Quilt

Today I came across where SwimBikeQuilt is sponsoring a linky party to show off the backs of our quilts. I hadn't planned on another post but just couldn't stand the idea of missing out of another fun linky party. So thank you Katie!

Christmas Swap Block. Each block was fairly simple. I added the on-point section to each block. Back was using up all the Christmas fabric I had on hand. I love the thin strip going down the middle of the quilt. I used an extra block I made for a quilt label.
One of my earlier quilts - Crossroads. Still one of my favorite quilts. Pattern came from "The Weekend Quilt" by Leslie Lindsey. Back looks rather modern doesn't it? This was before the Modern Quilt Movement emerged.
Challenge Block of the Month Quilt. Again one of my earlier quilts using up stash. The backside was my own invention. I love star quilts! Again using up fabric on hand.
Star Autograph Block Swap. Getting more wild with the backing. It was during the period when we were calling Lime Green the new Neutral Color!

Blue and Green Modern Quilt - Learning to transition from traditionalist to modern here. I had a bunch of blocks left over so why not incorporate them into the back of the quilt. I may still have enough blocks to make a pillow case to go with it.
Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 quilt - finished in 2013. I love the Garden Path so it was incorporated in the back of the quilt. I would still like to do a whole quilt in this pattern.

Robert Kaufman Kona Challenge. I love the little center strip going down the back. Free motion quilting on this quilt is quite dense. I was having a great time following Leah Day's video tutorials.

Baseball t-shirt quilt for my darling grandson. He probably would gag if he new I called him darling! I have a tutorial somewhere on this blog on making those large fusible letters fused with Heat n' Bond! - Great stuff!

Hope you enjoyed this show as much as I had revisiting some of these quilts! Again thank you Katie. So come and join the party. I can't wait to spend some time seeing how other quilter's created their backs.

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