Thursday, February 25, 2016

OMG! A Glorious Finish!

First of all thank you to Heidi at Red Letter Quilts Sponsoring “OMG A Monthly Goal”. The challenge is to complete a project in one month! Amazing how when you do set a goal you find the ways and means to meet it. This very morning I was up at 5:30 a.m. sewing on the binding and label, the final finishes. Since signing up for the challenge in the first week of February I found a bit of time to free motion quilt almost every day. I have other deadlines (business ones) so I had to find the extra time. Some days it may have been during a break from working on my client’s/employer’s accounting and administrative duties or taking about 30 minutes after working and before dinner to work on it. The biggest chunks of time free motion quilting was done on Sunday afternoons. Confession time – I gave up a lot of facebook time too!!

So to complete February’s quilting project I had to quilt it, bind it and label it, the Heart Swap Block Quilt. We, we being the members of Quilters Passion on Eons, began sewing our 8” blocks in November 2010. The quilt top has been sewn together since 2011, and now completing the quilt in February 2016 has taken over 5 ½ years to finish it. I used an edge to edge design, Covey Stipple created by Mary M. Covey’s collection from “Follow-the Line Quilting Designs” volume 3. It is a 9” border design. I outlined the design on Golden Threads paper and cut enough sheets to cover the size of the quilt. Using the outlined sheet I stacked the other 7 sheets and sewed without using thread in the machine to punch the design in each of them. I hung them on a hangar and pulled a sheet as needed.

I love how the quilt looks with this large size meandering stitch! It has a lot of nice curves and apostrophes that flow. 

The upside of using the Covey Stipple design is that the size is consistent.  I was able to quilt it quicker since it was a larger design. I have a tendency to get too detail when free motion quilting. I am using my domestic Janome Quilters Companion sewing machine which is not a long arm machine.

The downside is tearing away the Golden Threads paper. I used a pair of tweezers to get at some of the tiny pieces that were lodged in with the stitching. Also, my floor was covered in bits of paper and my waste basket needed to be consistently emptied. Would I use the Golden Threads paper again? Yes! because the amount of time to quilt it was reduced significantly!

Here is a close up picture of the block that I made. I love this block pattern!! It was a paper piece pattern.

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  1. Great finish, Joanie! Your sweetheart block is acute one, and I like your x or pinwheel in between. Cool to have it finished to share. ❤️ Pokey

  2. Your quilt is indeed glorious! Very beautiful. And I like the quilting very much. It suits the design. :-)

  3. I know what it is to have UFO's around. I really should join a group like that. But your quilt is truly beautiful and well worth 5 1/2 years to finish. Great!

  4. Love this!! Hearts are my thing. My engagement ring has hearts on either side of the center diamond. I collect heart-shaped rocks. Just love this!

  5. Beautiful quilt, Joanie! So glad you had the chance to finish it. Your quilting looks great! Perfect choice.

  6. Beautiful finish, Joanie! You are so right about setting goals. It really does help me to find the time to complete them.

  7. Congratulations on your finish. Sounds like you were really busy this month too. I love all the heart designs and yours is really nice. I haven't heard of Golden Threads paper but now I'm off to check it out, thanks!

  8. So pretty!! Amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of time spent each day! (and less FB haha!)

  9. Congrats on a lovely finish! I am enamored of the ribbon-wrapped heart block - it is just beautiful!

  10. Truly a great finish for February, congratulations! It certainly proves that one step at a time will lead to success.


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