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About Me

My favorite messages on how to live life: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." I choose to "rejoice in today because it is the day the Lord has made" the day becomes perfect regardless of what I have to face. 

Between the love of Christ, husband, three sons, grandsons, extended family, friends, purpose of life, and a growing passion for quilting my heart dances.

I worked in a ministry for almost 14 years, a ministry that helped women face the difficulties of an unwanted pregnancy. Now I assist the state-wide organization that serves to support and lift the standards of pregnancy centers throughout NC. I can do this at home. 

My free time is spent learning and improving quilt making. Wow! who would ever thought this love for quilting would have grown to the point that I now have my own quilt studio (once a small bedroom) and have almost outgrown it in just 4 years. Other quilting activities: Treasurer of the Charlotte Modern Guild and Moderate Eons Quilters Passion Group.

My Boys!
What can I say Boys! Boys! and More Boys! The only females are me and the dogs.  My family! And like most boys they like to eat! Whoops there is one other female and she is the mom of one of the boys that plays baseball with Caleb. Their team won a trophy for a national baseball tournament.

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  1. Thanks Joanie. I will try this method for the next binding I place on a finished quilt. I have previously hand sewn a binding to the front & back of a quilt....I can envision women reading this with their heads spinning & thinking, 'A waste of time.' And that it is.For myself it has been about the rhythm of the stitching, time to sit, reflect and become still. I'm ready for faster action at this point.


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