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Thursday, March 31, 2016

OMG! I Did It - Baby Woodlands Quilt is Finished

Once again I learned that setting a goal works! You might not think that it should take the better part of a month to complete a baby quilt.. In March I received 3 new major business projects to complete. Many mornings began at 5:30 a.m. at my computer. Actually it is now 4:55 a.m. as I write this blog to announce a completed quilt, one that was completed last evening by sewing on the name label.

  Woodlands Baby Quilt Finish!

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quilting Projects in Progress

Thank you to all who commented, helping me to make a decision on the Woodsland Baby quilt in its beginning stages. Your suggestions helped!! Since I asked about the color of cornerstones, Michele, Irina and O'Quilts said go with the orange ones.  I had to agree it needed a pop color. Rather than orange cornerstones I added a 1 1/2" orange border. It definitely brightened up the quilt.

Marlene and Kathy said no sashing. I liked the quilt without the sashing, but I needed to make this quilt larger. I didn't want to make anymore blocks. The sashing did tone down the green fabric almost too much. So the orange border brighten it up, and the medium green cornerstones gave more color, while pulling in color from the blocks. Actually the orange border also pulled in color from the log cabin variation blocks as well.

Then I added another border using the same green used in the Shoo Fly block, which also brightened up the quilt. So what do you think?

I now have two sewing stations and am able to have a least 2 projects going on at the same time. Currently, I am using my large quilting table to quilt the Woodsland Baby Quilt.

In the evenings I have been paper piecing another quilt that was designed on Electric Quilt. It will have 37 blocks that will be set on-point. It takes about two evenings to complete a block and will take several months to complete all the blocks, but that is okay.  It keeps my hands busy sewing rather than facebooking on my Ipad, and snacking in the evenings.

The fabric in this quilt has lived in my stash going on five years. It was intended for another quilt pattern which I don't want to make now. Do you do that purchase fabric for a particular pattern and end up using it for another quilt?

As I have mentioned above I now have two sewing stations. My husband purchased this small sewing table on Amazon and I put it together myself. The leaf on the table folds down and can be easily stored in a smaller room. It is so much easier to sew on the sewing table rather than on 2 tv trays butted up together and sitting at my recliner. We had an extra small desk chair on rollers so I didn't need to buy another. Did you notice the sewing table has castors? So much easier to move than having to push the tv trays out and holding on to the sewing machine hoping it didn't fall off.

My favorite part of the day is when I can say good night computer, eat dinner, then turn on my sewing machine in the bonus room, and watch NetFlix with my husband. What a great way to make more quilts. It feels like I more productive too!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

With green cornerstones?

I think I have it narrowed down as to which is my favorite variation. I called my husband into my sewing room and requested his opinion which he happily gave.

So now I am asking your opinion on which sashing, with or without sashing, what color for the cornerstones and fabric for the border?

 No cornerstones?

With chocolate cornerstones?

No sashing?

Which border?

With ivory narrow sashing & orange cornerstones?

With sashing and green cornerstones

With plaid like sashing and orange cornerstone?

 Thank you for your input!!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's March and Time to Plan Next Project to Finish

Oh my Gosh! February went by in a hurry, and now it is time to plan the next project to enter in OMG, A Monthly Goal.

It wasn't too difficult to decide which one it would be as I need to complete a baby quilt for a gift in March. My inspiration came from a picture of the nursery already in place having a woodland theme. The couple is so excited that it is going to be a boy! They have 3 girls, precious ones at that! Father and grandfather have great plans for this newborn baby boy with visions of hiking and fishing in the woodlands.

I found this cute fabric with woodland animals which is in the color scheme of the nursery. Stroke of luck or was it divine orchestration, but anyways happy to have a focus fabric to plan the rest of the quilt. As you can see I fussy cut the animals for the center of each log cabin block. The top part of the log cabin represents trees and the sky. Isn't that too cute?

There will be another block that will be placed alternate to each of the log cabin blocks. The block is Shoo-Fly. I am still in the design process and still need to make the quilt a bit bigger, possibly sashing or more than one border. Maybe a border that is another block pattern. Wouldn't that be cute?

I actually purchased a pattern that inspired me but I ended up redesigning it using Electric Quilt. I replaced the appliqued frog with the log cabin blocks but using the same Shoo-Fly block for the alternate block as the pattern used. 

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