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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Christmas Carpenter Star

Christmas Carpenter Star on the Fence

I am giddy with how out it came out. The Carpenter Star pattern was a gift from a quilting friend while we were on a retreat together. It has been fun to see what the other gals have made with their Star and the different fabrics used.

Border Print is Pine Cones and Needles - Looks great hanging in the pine tree in my back yard.

Binding with a Flange

 Karen's Quilts, Crows, Cardinals - Red Bird Co. has a great tutorial on how to make binding with a flange. For this quilt I had to make some adjustments as I didn't want quite the over lap of binding on the front as per her instructions. It simply would have covered some of my free motion quilting design. On another quilt, not having quilting so close to the edge as mine, it would be gorgeous with larger width of binding. Can't wait to try it again. Thanks Karen for such a wonderful tutorial and showing us another great way to enhance our quilts. As Karen did I used 12 wt. thread to stitch the flange down. It nicely shows off the stitching.

Metallic Gold Thread Gridwork 

Not shown here the cornerstones on the red narrow frame were also quilted with metallic gold thread in even more smaller grid work. My plan was to incorporate more metallic gold but changed my mind.

Feathers and Grid work

Ribbon Candy and Scallop Designs

If you go back to the first picture above you will see that the piano key stitching ended up being every 1 inch vs. every 2 inches which helped the scallop border to be more prominent.

Ribbon Candy

I just love the Ribbon Candy design! It took some practice and penciled in lines 1/2 inch on each edge to make the curves in the "S". Ribbon Candy seemed quite appropriate on the  Christmas Carpenter Star quilt.

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April 27, 2016  - An Addendum - Christmas Carpenter Star  was a quilt on my list to finish in April! I met the challenge of completing the biggest project for OMG - One Monthly Goal at Red Letter Quilts. 

I wrote about entering the quilt as the goal to finish - here. And here is an in between message, a progress report - here.

I also wrote about finishing the flimsy for the Christmas Tree wall hanging. I have 3 more days and it looks pretty iffy at the moment. Progress has been made where I reinforced the pattern in order to paper piece it after cutting out the pattern sections and ordered more fabric needed to complete it. 

Again thank you to Heidi for hosting OMG - A Monthly Goal! Need any encouragement to finish those unfinished projects? If so join us at her linky parties. She is giving away prizes too,nice ones at that! Though that is great, the best is getting those projects   completed!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's Coming Along!

Each step I made a decision as to what the quilting design would be, not planned ahead. So far I am quite pleased. I was planning on zigging every other block in the grid, but realized somewhere along the way the grid was not equal on each side. Any additional stitching would only highlighted that the grid was off center.

There are 2 layers of Warm and Soft batting which gives the star a trapunto effect. I used my hopping/darning foot to free motion quilt the feathers. This is the foot I have been using for years to free motion quilting.

In the latest issue of APQS magazine I was reading about a free motion quilting foot that fits a Janome. I had not idea that there was such a thing. And of course I went web exploring and found it on Amazon, one that would fit my low-shank Janome. So I found it, bought it and received it in 2 days! I only experimented with it but I can't wait to use it on the borders of the pictured Carpenter Star Wall Hanging. Actually I am naming it my Christmas Carpenter Star Wreath.

Since I was using my hopping foot I used monofilament thread so the stitching didn't show too much. Oh I should say so my imperfections didn't shine.

The center of the star with the grid work is done in gold metallic thread. I am thinking about using it in the red border as well but not sure about the design yet. Remember I said no planning, just designing as I go along.

My new toys! Can't wait to try them out! The far right is a 1/4 ruler foot and a small open toe foot. Now I will have to see what I can find in free motion quilting rulers.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

April OMG Projected Projects to Complete

Christmas in April

April is going to be a very busy month for me business wise.  Therefore, I am choosing a rather small uncompleted project to finish this month.  For certain I plan to complete the Carpenter Star flimsy by sandwiching it, quilting it and binding it. It was a gifted pattern while on a quilt retreat last September. Many of the attendees made up this same pattern having  seen some lovely pillows completed and other blocks in a variety of different colors and fabrics. I chose Christmas fabric and decided to make a wall hanging to adorn my walls at Christmas. My version has 3 added borders to the block.  Better to get it done now than wait for the busy season when stretched in December. I have some other ideas brewing on how to make it more Christmasy.


And just in case I have underestimated myself on how much is possible to complete in April I plan to complete another Christmas flimsy using Tall Trim the Tree pattern purchased at the same quilt retreat as mentioned above. Fabric in the picture below is from Thousands of Bolts. They were having a great sale on fabric. I am so excited about making this in order to have yet another quilt to decorate my walls come Christmastime.

Pictured below is another project in the works. It isn't a quilt planned to be finished this month or next month, or the month after that.The blocks are paper pieced and it takes me about one week to make 2 blocks. While in the shower the other morning I wondered how a stripe set-in-block would look in "Bird's Nest in Wyoming Valley"  It looks rather Christmasy too, though not intended. Ivory shows off the blocks more and frames it bit while the stripes brightens the quilt up. The green set-in blocks with larger borders looks great too!

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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