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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Several years ago I won a door prize from my local quilt store QBee Quilts, 2 paks of 5" x 9 1/2"  Studio E rectangle cuts. The Posies are made from the fabric line named Calypso, one that is now outdated and hard to find. I love this fabric and have used the green in several other quilts in the past!

I found a picture of a quilt with similar blocks and have had it on hand for a while, not knowing exactly where I had found it, and who to give credit to for this adorable block, I designed the one pictured here using Electric Quilt software program.

After having designed and made the blocks I found the designer. Wouldn't you know it is a free and available pattern! The shape of the leaves do vary, mine being a bit more complicated to sew than Moda Bakeshop's pattern named Trifle Dish:Posies.

 The size of Moda Bakeshop's block is 4" x 8", mine is 6" x 12."

Now with quilt top sewn together with Posie blocks staggered I wanted to find the perfect blue or green that would enhance the blocks, the favorite colors of a good friend. Lime green seemed to work well with the happy colors of each Poise. Several years ago it was determined that lime green was the new neutral color. It seems to work well with many colors.

The outside border is going to be a checkered one, an idea I captured by looking at Mary Englebreit posters and pictures that have such borders on many of her prints. I created a Pinterest Board that is dedicated to her art work. In the picture below are the beginning pieces of the outside border.

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Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

AQS Quilt Show in Charlotte


Here is short slide show of only a few out of hundreds of wonderful, fabulous, beautiful and amazing quilts on display at the AQS Quilt Show 2014 Charlotte, my hometown! AQS was celebrating their 30th year anniversary in the Queen City Uptown region at the Charlotte Convention Center. There were modern quilts, art quilts, traditional quilts, primitive quilts and applique quilts. I stopped taking pictures after awhile since it was a lesson of patience while viewers stood in awe and discussed each quilt in detail while standing in the camera lens view. I thought a booklet with a photograph pictures of every quilt would be provided such as I did at the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, a few years back, but instead was provided a booklet listing of all the different quilts by title and their descriptions without images. But needless to say it was a great show and an enjoyable Saturday afternoon seeing the collective talent in one setting.

For those interested the Best Quilt of the Show was Melissa Sobotka's Chihuly's Gondola (float boat filled with colorful globes). Here is a great snapshot of it. Amazing to see it up close!

Dresden's Dilemma was wonderfully quilted, another gorgeous quilt!

While there I test drove several longarm machines (Gammill, APQS, Innova, A-1) that sit on racks and a Janome that sets down in a table that had an 18 inch throat. There were other longarm vendors too that I didn't get around to visiting such as Handi Quilter, Babylock and TinLizzie.

And of course what is a quilt show without all the other vendors? All the wonderful new tools, gadgets, rulers, thread, beautiful fabric, quilt kits and quilting room furniture to name only a few. 

Vendors can be an interesting lot. Many don't even have a place called home other than their RV or have such heavy travel schedules and are away from home months at a time. Interesting and different lifestyle so different from mine. I need a place called home! Some are so enthusiastic about their items and I found myself catching their fever! Hmmm, I walked away with 2 rulers and a pattern because I mentioned to a personable and engaging individual that the quilt behind a rack was too beautiful to be hidden. For $60 I purchased the SueNami pattern created by Sue Tucker, her Rapid Fire Hunter's Star, Petite Star ruler and her Wing Clipper ruler. I hope I can find other uses for these rulers. If you are familiar with them and have made other quilts with either ruler please feel free to share.

By days end I definitely spent my wad of money on quilty stuff I absolutely had to have! Now to go and make some quilts!

 Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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