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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Oh No!!

Oh no! I hadn't noticed the blooper until one day walking down the stairs. Even on the design board it went unnoticed. Can you see it?

It will be my next project, one that hopefully will keep me involved in quilting again.

It will take a bit of effort since it is paper pieced to take apart. My plan is to unstitch the center piece without taking the complete block apart.

Next I will have to shake the dust off all the pieces in the basket to complete the remaining blocks. This quilt has been in the making for a couple of years.

Workload has prevented me from sewing much as well attempting repairs, painting, landscaping, pressure washing my house and shed, shampooing carpet and getting the floors cleaned. My "To Do List" is quite ambitious.

 Finishing this quilt will be my next project, one that will keep me involved in quilting again. 

But most importantly I have to find time to be Granny "J." It has been quite a challenge. Today I met my son Ty and his wife Mindy while passing through Charlotte for breakfast. Look who I got to hug and hold! Meet Luke my newest grandson. Momma is feeding him grits!

What kind of grandmother would I be if I didn't post more pictures of him. :)

A Tah Dah! In the early mornings the last few weeks I could be seen wearing an oversize t-shirt, black shorts with paint splotches all over them with paint brush in hand. Quite a scene I am sure!! My front door needed some TCL, wood fill and paint. Also added a new porch light new black numbers at the top and a new wreath.



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