Friday, December 11, 2015

Drum Roll Please!

Presenting Scrappy Kelly!

Scrappy Kelly has found a new home hanging over the back of a chair in our den. In a distance the many colors surrounded by green and cream sashing shine. I love walking down the upstairs hall way seeing all the colorful 2 inch squares pop out.  
The quilting design is sections of squares with a floral motif inside each. Since it wasn't a continuous design it took much longer to free motion quilt it. Next quilt I will be choosing a continuous quilting design! Scrappy Kelly washed nicely and now has that  wonderful crinkly look. The Shout Color Catcher did its job too. The color catchers as you can imagine picked up a lot of green dye.
The backing is made up of the same green fabric used in the sashing and binding.
Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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  1. That's so pretty. I know it will give you much joy through the years.

  2. Your green sashing and fresh white accents really sets off all those pretty florals. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! Really pretty!

  3. Love the green -- what a great compliment to all the scrappy goodness. The quilting pattern looks great, even if it took longer, it was well worth it.

  4. Hi Joanie! This is so beautiful! I love the pattern with small squares and colours are adorable! Green sashing is also beautiful! x Teje

  5. A lovely finish... I really like the green sashing, so fresh!

  6. I love the little scrappy squares with the white sashing! Your quilt looks fun and fresh, and I can imagine you will enjoy having it to use for a long time!

  7. Gorgeous quilt, Joanie! Love this pattern! Amazing job!

  8. What a lot of work, but so worth it! The green sets it all off and is so bright. I'm currently doing a postage stamp, but not with cream sashing like yours - that looks so good.

  9. This is gorgeous! I love it! I've been looking for a scrappy pattern to make for my dad, and this might be just the thing! Do you mind sharing how wide the sashing is in between your small squares?


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