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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quilt Retreat Fun, Accomplishments and More

Hello! So happy you have stopped by. Messages have been sporadic but at least I have been blogging once a month. Summer is past and Fall has arrived, children (not mine) are back in school and the weather has slightly cooled, but not much in Charlotte. Where has the time gone?

Fortunately, my work schedule slowed in September making it possible to go to a much looking forward Quilt Retreat with quilting friends. Some of us only see each once a year, others more often as they live close. We came from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and North Carolina. There were 9 of us. Our quilt retreat was held in Mt. Washington, Kentucky where we stayed in a home that was designed for quilt retreats.

Some of us drove and some came by airfare. We are a diverse group, but the one thing we have in common is we love to make quilts. As different as we are in personality so are our quilting styles and preferences. Our show and tell was amazing seeing the display of quilts and other quilty items. Creativity and quilt making experience in this group abounds. We learn so much from each other.

Did I mention that we had fun! Laughter rang out often! I can't remember laughing so much! And of course we sewed, quilted, ate very well (chocolate was plentiful), and visited local quilt shops.

Yes, though we did many other things like talking, eating and shopping I did finish everything that I had intended to complete. The funny side of this is I took what I had planned to finish at last year's quilt retreat to this year's retreat. Nothing exciting, but I am thrilled that I made progress. I was proud of myself keeping to my focus on completing started projects. That being said, I pieced two quilt backs - one was 82" x 82 " and the other was 84" x 78" large bed size quilts.

And!! the bindings to go along with those quilt backs! Yes! I am pleased. Not only did I complete those quilt backs, I completed marking up a quilt for free motion quilting. That took up most of my time. I used 5 EZ International blue washable marking pens and a stencil that I had on hand. Using the stencil will help me not to quilt so densely, a tendency of mine. Less quilting makes a quilt more cuddly, softer and easier to snuggle under.

Today I could pick up quilting the "Kelly Scrappy Quilt" without stopping to mark up the next block.

Quilt back #1 doesn't show all the piecing on the top and bottom. It has  3 inch yellow strips top and bottom. The fabric was leftover from the quilt blocks used in the quilt top. It took many pieces and segments to get the size needed. Lot of math happened in order to make it work. The sun was positioned low that it gave an interesting shadow of the tree on the fabric.

Quilt Back 2

Quilt back #2 is made up of 2 shades of pink. The sun was such that I had a difficult time capturing the light pink. It is a bit darker than what shows in this picture. I had plenty of fabric length so this quilt back went together rather quickly as compared to the other one.

So what is a quilt retreat with out visiting the local quilt shoppes?  I did buy a couple of things. . .  not much as I am trying to limit the number of new projects. But how could I resist? Ellen shared a Mini quilt pattern which was perfect to make with some of the leftover time. As it would be I was too tired to start a block with 64 pieces for a 12" block. Once home, I took the pattern and recreated it on Electric Quilt so I could make it as a paper piece project to work on while watching tv with my husband. I am using Moda Winter's Song Charms and Mini Charms. The red fabric with stars is a pretty Christmas fabric which is not part of the Winter's Song line.

At one of the quilt shoppes we visited I saw this Christmas tree made up. It was love at first sight and I had to have it. It is almost ceiling to floor in length. . .  a big tree. Hopefully, I will get it made up and it will be our Christmas tree in our bonus room. It has miniquilt blocks for decorations, each hanging on a red button. So cute!

The quilt retreat was 5 days including traveling days! My husband and sweet Cassie missed me! The following morning preparing to run errands Miss Cassie saw that I had shoes on my feet and my shoulder bag began continuously and adamantly barking in a very husky tone letting me know she wasn't happy about my leaving. I had to take her with me. Hope you enjoyed reading about my quilt retreat escapades.

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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