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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello quilting friends! It has been another "awhile" since blogging and quilting. Posie quilting is still in progress - making good progress at that!

In preparation for a September quilt retreat with friends online, meeting most for the first time face to face, I purchased another Janome sewing machine for traveling purposes. Now I have it set up in our bonus room where we watch television. After a grueling day at the computer I can relax with hubby and sew a bit.

The one thing that didn't come with this Janome, one that is basically for sewing for the home vs. quilting, was it was missing a 1/4 inch foot. Try sewing without one after years sewing with one! Using tape as a guide definitely wasn't giving the results that I wanted! The 1/4" foot for my other Janome wouldn't sit low enough to pull the fabric through. After some research I learned that I had to use the same shank from the other machine. Once that was figured out I now was getting the nice even seams that I wanted. Yeah!!!

I have a large container of 2 inch squares leftover from another quilt. Now I am sashing them with 1 inch strips, chain stitching them as I go. I don't have to put much thought other than sew along which is good when I am feeling a bit exhausted. When tired it is not to wise to start anything that takes much thought. 

Here is my make shift set up. Maybe I will get a nice table that will be stationary but that will be another time. In the background is hubby's beloved team, Detroit Lions that play and are televised every Thanksgiving.

Well with that note I need to run and check my roast, something special for Thanksgiving day. Our celebration will be this coming Sunday when my stepson will be visiting with turkey and stuffing. Yum!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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