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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Way to Early and Random Thoughts

Cassie woke me up at 1:30 a.m.
Me now awake and not able to go back to sleep. . . . 
Thinking always gets me in trouble . . .  so wisdom tells me to go read 
quilt blogs to redirect my brain. Cassie on the other hand is nestled in the quilts on my bed while I troop through the house taking blog worthy pictures.

My Ninja Air Fryer that son David gave me for Christmas. Still learning how to use it.

My experiments using the Air Fryer. . . . crispy bean burgers and sweet potato fries. They taste better than what they look. Second attempt with the sweet potatoes fries were not as 
dark but not as crispy either.

During my early morning reading blogs escapade I read O'Quilts blog. 
She's making these beautiful rope bowls. 
So early morning I set myself to go looking for the one that was gifted to me.
I found it . . . .it is pictured above with a partially made quilt block. Name of the block pattern is "Bird's Nest."

My in progress paper pieced blocks. . . started making these a couple of years ago. Can't rush into things!! Maybe blogging about them will get me motivated again. The alternate block is "Wyoming Valley" . . . makes you wonder how they come up with the names for these blocks. 

Ty, my oldest son and his wife Mindy gifted me this wonderful and very sharp knife for Christmas. 
It is a German made Wusthof knife. In passing while talking on the phone with Ty I mentioned that I purchased a Faberware chef knife from Walmart that wasn't working any 
better than my other chef knife.

Making progress on David's afghan . . . need to rip out a row as I am off pattern. 
Need to do it in the daylight so I can see those stitches. 

 In August I changed to Whole Foods Plant Based Diet for health reasons.
I was successful in bringing my blood pressure down. Though my cholesterol and triglycerides were good in June I am looking forward to seeing greater results during this coming year's 
annual check up.

Now I think I will see if I can catch a few more ZZZZs.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Not Exactly a Quilt

David's Afghan
I asked my youngest son what he wanted for Christmas. He wanted an afghan to go with his new navy recliner. It has been years since last picking up my knitting needles. I chose an easy pattern using bulky yarn so it would make up quickly. The yarn is so soft which is going to make this basket weave design afghan very cozy!

He received a gift bag with balls of yarn as I didn't have enough time to complete an afghan to give him at Christmas. 

I am enjoying knitting after long days on the computer doing bookkeeping and accounting. January is notorious for being my busiest time of the year. Knitting helps me to relax after a day of stress. 

It took me three starts to get the pattern to work. The yarn is so dark in color it was difficult to see if the pattern was forming correctly. Also, I was having trouble with the size 15 circular needles that weren't long enough. Picked up size 15 straight needles which also were too short and even more cumbersome to use. I happened to have a another set of size 15 circular needles that were longer but  a bit larger than the other but smaller than size 16 needles.

As my title states not exactly a quilt but have made a bit of progress on a quilt in the works.

On my last blog post which was August 2019 I posted a  picture of a block that had a mistake in it. I have since repaired the block and started another paper piece block for the quilt. 

Until next time!

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