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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Rainy Day Saturday!

We certainly have had our fair share of rain in Charlotte, NC this winter. One can expect a day of sunshine followed with 2 or more days of rain. This morning it appeared as though it was going to be another rainy day when about noon the sun came out. When it did, it encouraged me to go out and enjoy it while it lasted. Of course, it needs to be productive, such as a trip to Michael’s to pick up 4 more skeins of yarn.

My next stop was at Target looking for a pair of garden boots. My garden is full of weeds and with all the rain it is quite muddy too! There I found a pair of pretty ones.  Mud here I come!  They are heavy duty vinyl with some leather and can be easily hosed! Aren’t I going to be quite the fashionista while working in my garden?

But since this morning was looking like it was going to be another day of rain and being Saturday, I grabbed my knitting needles and worked on David’s afghan. It is so heavy that I decided to sit on my bed so I could handle the weight of it. While knitting away I watched a couple of documentaries on PureFlix, one was about Tim Tebow and the other about Zig Ziglar. Both were about very upbeat, determined, and positive Christian men. Very inspiring!

As the sun began to shine and after watching the documentaries my mood lifted and I felt energized, thus the reason for deciding to go shop. Once I returned home, I made a couple of dishes so I would have something quick to fix to eat for my upcoming busy week.

Another bright star day this past week was when I received a yard of gingerbread men fabric in the mail from a friend. It was a nice surprise! Now I need to think of something to make for her. Pinterest had a cute table runner. There were a couple of patterns of gingerbread houses too. Decisions!

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