Saturday, March 5, 2016

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

With green cornerstones?

I think I have it narrowed down as to which is my favorite variation. I called my husband into my sewing room and requested his opinion which he happily gave.

So now I am asking your opinion on which sashing, with or without sashing, what color for the cornerstones and fabric for the border?

 No cornerstones?

With chocolate cornerstones?

No sashing?

Which border?

With ivory narrow sashing & orange cornerstones?

With sashing and green cornerstones

With plaid like sashing and orange cornerstone?

 Thank you for your input!!

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  1. I like the beige check sash and dark green squares like the last picture. Very Nice quilt.

  2. I actually like the cream sashing and the fun pop from the orange cornerstones. I also like the lighter green for the border.

  3. I have to say I like it without sashing. Good luck with choosing.

  4. Definitely no sashing is my choice. It makes me thing the brown and green blocks are the forest for the animals, you know, in case they want to wander from their block and explore ...they aren't fenced out with sashing :)

  5. I'm just working on a quilt with central squares on sashing and cornerstones and I really like the whole finished look. I would go for the orange cornerstones on your quilt, rather than green. Orange stands out and blends well with the rest.
    Is that EQ7? it looks like such a great tool…

  6. wow you have been sewing!! I like orange corner stones...


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