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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday

Here I am still messing with the St. Louis 16 Patch Block. It's been hanging on the design board for a long time. It first looked like this. I did rearrange so  


that the coral blocks were spread out more evenly. But then I kept coming across other images of this same pattern and just couldn't reach a sense of satisfaction. 

I contemplated on creating a disappearing 16 block but didn't like how it would cut off points. Then I saw an image of one with the blocks on-point and loved that setting. It had a plain block for every other one. Since the blocks are 16" blocks I nixed that idea since it takes away too much of the scrappiness and makes the quilt way bigger than desired. Back to the drawing board or better the design board. I rearranged and played with the idea of sashing and setting the blocks on-point. Hmm this is appealing and different. 


So should the on-point blocks float?  This appealed to me.

How about keeping with pattern with set-in blocks? Oh I like this too.

Now I have a enough blocks to make one more quilt.

In the process of making 2 sets of 15" Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. One set is for a custom order and the other will be for My Etsy Shop. 

I had a whoopee moment last week as I made my first sale in My Etsy Shop a Raggedy Ann outfit.

 http://meadowmistdesigns.blogspot.com/2013/10/arrows-all-around.htmlAnother nice thing happened last week. It was a pay-forward sort of thing. So when that happens I want to do it in return. Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs created the pattern for Arrows All Around.

I just love this quilt . . . and she sent me the pattern!  Last evening, finally having a moment to read the pattern, I decided I needed to make this quilt. I visited her blog a few minutes ago and once again have been wowed away with her awesome quilt designs! If you have a moment take a peek.  You will see lots of eye candy other there!

That's all for the Works in Progress updates.

This week I am in high giddy mode having Modern Star Quilt being featured at 3 Linky Parties this week. To read more about it go here.

Linky parties I am attending: 

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Happy quilting all,

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  1. I like the idea of your on-point blocks swimming. Excited to see what you end up doing with this!

  2. The on-point 16 patches are darling. This will be a lovely quilt when all done.

  3. On point adds a new dimension, I like it! When working a scrappy, easy block, I will sew tons of blocks and then play with them for the setting. Orphan blocks are easy to find a home for, and these look fun ~

  4. Nice work. Always fun to play with new layouts - and this looks lovely!

  5. I don't know what swimming blocks means. Is this with sashing?

    I'm so enthralled with this block, I'm about to make some samples. Meanwhile, for my guild's charity quilts, I have just put out a call for ugly/orphaned FQs to swap and have people make a couple of blocks over the holidays - I'll provide some basic FQs that people can find a contrasting fabric to their 'ugly' / never used FQ, and hopefully I get enough blocks for a couple of dozen lap comfort quilts. Will see how people like this.

    I also told people because it makes 2 blocks from 2 FQ, use one in a quilt, and use the 2nd block in a donation quilt, this way it's not like you are having to part with a favorite FQ! So many options. Thanks for bringing this great block to my attention!

    And I love it on point! Now to make one or three of these before the Christmas holidays. Might work well with xmas fabrics: reds & greens & golds!

  6. I saw that arrow quilt and thought it was so cute! You lucky thing:) St. Louis blocks are looking great too.

  7. Who knew that there was a block named St. Louis Block? Living just 30 minutes from St. Louis, that intrigues me - maybe I will have to make a St. Louis block quilt! ;-)

  8. Looks like you've been busy. The little dolls are going to be adorable. I like the blocks on point too...very nice.

  9. Hi Joanie,

    I was just visiting your blog and admiring your St. Louis blocks (which I love on point floating) and I saw the absolutely wonderful things you said about my quilting and pattern, thank you thank you so much!! Meeting and connecting with such wonderful quilting women like yourself was the whole reason I started my blog.

    Thank you again,


  10. I love the on point version. I need to make a lap quilt for a wedding and I just might use this idea! Thanks!

  11. Just stopping by to admire your work and say HI!!!

  12. Beautiful blocks and my have your been busy! Congrats on your Etsy sale!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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