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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Snow Scrolling and Tree Decorations

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope all are enjoying your holiday? My turkey is seasoned and ready to be stuffed with cornbread stuffing. Yum!

While other preparations are done and few more to complete I thought I would take a break and show the progress on the Tall Trim Christmas tree. The branches all have been feathered stitched.  Now I am quilting scrolling snow.

In the evenings I have been hand stitching ornaments while watching NetFlix - The West Wing and Longmire, both entertaining. I like keeping my hands busy. It helps keep them from wanting to pick up snack food.

The ornaments are cut from fabric that already are printed with the ornament design. Each is backed with fabric with batting inside. I have been using a back stitch to make sure the stitching is secured, especially since they are small and that there is a degree of difficulty getting them turned inside out.

Back to snow scrolling for awhile before heading back to the kitchen.

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