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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am Happy to Present the Winner of the Blog Hop

A great big thank you to those who visited my blog to enter for a chance to win my giveaway and who became a new follower in one fashion or another during the Giving Thanks Quilters Gallery Blog Hop!

The comments were quite touching - many saying they loved the cute and adorable Mr. Sweet Snowman. And many stated how much they liked my blog. I even received a couple of emails asking questions about it. Thank you! I really appreciated the kind words!

The best part of the blog hop was meeting so many wonderful quilters or those who love quilts! My life has been enriched by you! I am looking forward to what the future holds as we share our passion of quilting, sewing and making creative projects and items.

There were 187 qualified entries for the giveaway and unfortunately quite a few no-reply bloggers. I am sorry, but I had to disqualify you for not giving me a way to contact you.

 Random Generator chose number 120. 

Raggedy Ann and Andy want to be the presenters of the winner of the Mr. Sweet Snowman Mini Quilt Kit, 3 Echo by Lotta Jansdotter fat quarters and a packet of Studio E Planet Peaceful Charms.

And the winner is:

"I also follow on GFC and if I were to win, my daughter would walk out the door with the finished snowman as she is a collector...and he is so cute."

How coincidental that Nanbon44's daughter is a collector of snowman.

I will be sending Nanbon44 an email but if you beat me to it Nanbon44 please feel free to contact me with your mailing address. 

Andy says that he and Mr. Snowman match. Lots of orange and red going on here. This is one of two 15" sets of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in progress. The other set need their mops. Andy's outfit is almost completed. Ann's little dress, apron and pantaloons are done! The pair in the above picture will eventually be in My Etsy Shop. I am a bit behind listing a couple of items. 

Being it is Thanksgiving Eve I imagine many of you have spent your day as I have in the kitchen preparing for tomorrow. We will be joining my sons and grandsons at their place. I made a couple of cheese balls they absolutely love, 3 batches of brownies, homemade hot mustard that is always a request, caramel cream cheese dip for fruit and a Smokey Paprika dip for veggies. Today I made lasagna for one of my other sons who joined us for the day. Now that I have ticked off the things on my list as done for today I will be meeting my recliner and while there will see if a mop can be completed for Ann.

Happy Thanksgiving All and may it be a blessed time!

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  1. Congratulations to Nanbon44. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  2. Congrats Nonbon44! Joanie I am worn out just reading all the things you made today!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving! (Love seeing your smiling face!)

  3. OH MY, I am so excited, thank you so much.... But yes I will make the cute snowman and my daughter will come over and out the door he will go... But thats OK You just made two people happy...

  4. Congratulations to Nanbon44! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Congratulations Nanbon44! Joanie.... Have a wonderful day with your family - Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Awesome, she won something in my Bloghop too, lol! Congrats Bonnie!


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