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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Calendar Quilt in the Garden

Today has been a good day!! Began it with making an omelet for breakfast, going to church and picking up a few items at the store. Jason, my autistic step son, went to church with us this morning. I fixed lunch for us,  and . . .  then it was off to my quilting/office studio quilting away with much determination that the quilting would be completed today! It is with the  help of watching a couple episodes of When Calls the Heart on Netflix! 

I did take a break from quilting to take some snapshots of the Calendar quilt since it is almost finished! Only one more side border is left to quilt as shown in this picture. Actually as I write this post the quilting is done, the batting has been trimmed and is now waiting for the binding. It is amazing how more beautiful the quilt looks in the natural light.

Each block represents a month of the calendar and each one made by a quilting friend who had participated in a block swap.  There were 13 participants, the 13th who led the swap made the topper which is so adorable! 

What makes me most happy is this has been a quilt waiting to be finished for several years - I believe it has been about 4 years.

Each block is quilted with a different design. 

Now to sew the binding on so I can celebrate another UFO completed. Oh, yes a label for the back will also be made listing the names of each who made a block.

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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