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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Goal Setting Does Work!

Beginning this month only the very top of the tree was sewn together, and now the tree pattern itself is completed. A border will be added, but it will not be a contrasting border in green fabric as shown on the pattern. My border will be white on white print used in the background and the binding will have a flange of red and cream stripe with the white on white print on the outside edge. 

I saw another version of this pattern made by another quilter where she added candles with flames on the tips and other decorations actually sewn on to her tree. Her version of the tree was quite stylistic and whimsical using totally non-traditional colors and fabric for her tree and decorations. It was quite adorable. 

I want to add red candles with flames on my tree, but keep with the red buttons and hanging mini-mini quilt blocks for decorations. My colors will be traditional. Someone suggested that I cover buttons to add to the tree vs. plain red buttons. Great idea! 

As the title of this blog message suggests "Goal Setting Does Work!"  Red Letter Quilts who is sponsoring OMG - A Monthly Goal is working for me. I determine each month what I can feasibly achieve when looking at my overall business and family schedule. For the month of May I planned to complete the Tall Trim Christmas Tree flimsy and to plan the blocks for a group Spring Block Swap with a group of other quilters.

The flimsy is almost complete only needing borders. The other project that was included as a goal in May has actually been completed. 

Beginning in May there was only the instructions for the Spring Swap Block. My goal was to choose the design and fabric. So I am whooping it up as that has been accomplished. Not only that I completed a promo block to make sure I liked it. And I do!

The requirement for this block swap is to use batik fabric for the background, and the overall block pattern is to be a "Snowball" where each corner is made with a 3 inch square. The center can be anything that we want that is representative of Spring. The block can be paper pieced, appliqued, or any other pieced block pattern in the center. Beads, embroidery or any other kind of embellishments can be added. 

Electric Quilt came to the rescue when designing the block, actually 2 blocks as the the flower head is separate from the leaves and stem. Both are 4 inch blocks. The final swap block size is 12 inches. 

I made a quilt with this particular pattern, but it was larger in size and didn't have the inside triangles creating the mini snowball block. I redesigned the Posie center to give it more of a rounded look.

Isn't this batik fabric yummy? Once I made my promo block it was time to go shopping. My schedule has been horrendous so I had to purchase fabric online as it was quite difficult to find the time to travel to a quilt or fabric store. I rather touch, feel and see the fabric to make sure the colors are true and work together in person. As you all have experienced some colors on the screen look different than what they actually are when in hand.  So yes, I did the happy dance when the fabric arrived because the colors were perfect and actually more beautiful than anticipated. 

I purchased my fabric from Thousands of Bolts. They make it so easy to coordinate your fabric selections using their Quilter's Toolbox. All you need to do is import fabric swatches from their website. 

This is a picture of Thousands of Bolts Quilters ToolBox with my fabric swatches imported. You can resize each of the swatches somewhat. As you can see I couldn't get the green more narrow for the stems for my makeshift posies. I chose the colors on the right with one exception of the red batik is different. This tool is so helpful in choosing fabrics that work together. 

So with 10 days left in the month I have made great progress. I may actually get more done than I had set for my goal. Last evening I washed all the batiks to prevent bleeding, and all have been pressed this morning. The paper pieced block patterns have been printed and cut out which were done one evening this week while watching NetFlix.  I may get a block or two, or three done before the end of the month. Yippee!! Progress!

So off topic -  I want to show-off the beautiful flowers I received for Mothers Day from my son, his fiancee and 3 grandsons. I so enjoyed them! 

So until next time . . . keep on sewing, quilting and you might want to check out OMG, One Monthly Goal if you too want to get those projects done!. Click on Heidi's icon that is on the right side bar, the gray circle with OMG on it. 

Oh yes! I am joining the party over at Crazy Mom Quilts. Hope to see you there!

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great sewing or quilting day!

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