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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Stack of Quilts and Beach Time

Before leaving for Wilmington to spend time with my kiddos I stacked my quilts. These are not all that I have made. They are all the ones I have kept. Most of them are from block swaps and block challenges, 6 to be exact. I need a creative way to display them aside from hanging over the stair banister.

The last couple days here in Charlotte the evenings have cooled down with peaks of Fall showing up, the season where thoughts of bringing out quilts and baking begins.

At 5:34 a.m. precisely Miss Cassie, my Lhasa Apso, decided it was time for us to get up. So what do you do early on a cool morning after exceedingly hot and humid weather? You bake!

Typically, I usually make blueberry muffins but didn't have any blueberries.  Using what was in the pantry and refrigerator I concocted the cinnamon walnut muffins pictured below. They are made with oatmeal flour, yogurt, honey, grounded up flax seed and chia seeds. Miss Cassie was yipping for her share. Spoiled she is! But she is pretty smart as she knows what tastes good! They were quite yummy this morning as I sat down to enjoy with a cup of Green Tea while doing my Bible Study.

Before leaving for a trip to Wilmington I had to water my gardens and flowers and pick produce. I had been watching this particular watermelon waiting and hoping that I wouldn't pick it too soon. The tendrils were dry, the bottom was white and the thump on it sounded hollow. It seemed like a good time to pick. I was motivated to pick it since I noticed a deer in my back yard for the first time ever and was concerned that she might eat it. I slid the knife into the 14.5 pound watermelon and it literally cracked open. It was perfect and so sweet! Thank goodness that I was planning a visit with my son and daughter-in-law who could help me eat it. It was eaten quickly!

The Marigolds in the garden are huge. They grew from seeds that I picked from last year's Marigold plants.

Aside from the watermelon, I have cantaloupe, zucchini, 3 types of pepper plants and 3 Beefsteak tomato plants, 6 brussel sprouts and 1 grape tomato.  In pots are oregano, thyme, basil, and mint. There are 2 rosemary plants that grow year round. I started the Spring with cilantro but it went to seed.

As I mentioned above I had planned a trip to Wilmington to visit my son and daughter-in-law. Miss Cassie travels with me as Ty's philosophy is dogs are family which I intend to agree!! Miss Cassie came out of her hiding hole (the downstairs bathroom) as she noticed suit cases were coming down the stairs and heading toward the garage and car. She makes sure she won't be left behind by waiting out in the garage.

Ty, Mindy and I ate at Tarantelli's Ristorante Italiano in Wilmington which is close to the Boardwalk Saturday evening. The food was divine!

After dinner we took a stroll down the Boardwalk. It was popping with activity since it was the week when University of Wilmington students were moving in. Lots of music and people. Ty wanted ice cream but the line was so long that they opted to pick up some on the way home at the grocery store.

Mindy and I spent the day at the BMW/Porsche dealership where Ty is sales manager. It was so interesting watching the sales team work together and meeting the people he works with.

Sunday morning we began the day sitting in the screened in porch with the sheers floating in and out with the wonderful breeze and Miss Cassie and Cheech joining in with us. The conversation was flowing.

Then we took a ferry to Southport where we had lunch in a restaurant that over looked the Intercoastal waters. We started with claim dip and crunchy pita bread which was quite yummy.

We strolled around Southport, a small town with historical, quaint homes. We then drove to Oak Island and stopped off to walk on the beach. The Intercoastal waters are not as pretty as the ocean but still fun to walk the beach with the wind blowing, smelling the fresh air and picking up a few shells.

We drove home where Ty made us a scrumptious steak stirfry with broccoli and other veggies with cherry sauce. He served it with stir fried cauliflower rice with bits of sweet potatoes seasoned to taste. It was quite yummy. Afterwards we strolled up to the pier and around the neighborhood with Cheech, a dachshund and chihuahua mix. We definitely got our exercise on Sunday. Would you believe I slept in on Monday?

Once getting up on Monday, Ty at work and Mindy working (she works at home) when she isn't required to show up for a meeting), Miss Cassie and I walked up the pier very slowly. Cassie isn't walking as fast these days. I took a wagon with me in case she couldn't complete the trip. It was heating up and getting very humid so I carted her back to the house in the wagon while she was letting me know she wasn't quite happy about it. She did though loved sitting under the shelter part of the pier, as I did as it was so cool with the breeze blowing. It was so peaceful!

Tuesday was my birthday. Mindy surprised me with a gorgeous orchid plant. Ty, Parker and I went to the Bridge Tender Restaurant, another waterfront restaurant in Wrightsville Beach to celebrate my birthday! It was so sweet.

Parker, my grandson was quite tired since he worked all day in the hot sun. Wednesday would be his first day back at University of Wilmington.

My meal was scrumptious with blackened Mahi Mahi, with shrimp and bits of crab meat served on a potato and carrot stew made with a tomato sauce. The leftovers tasted great even the day afterwards!! Ty and I shared a piece of key lime pie which was the size of a 1/4 of a pie. It was made with whipping cream which took out the tang that so many other recipes have. It had raspberry sauce dribbled on it.

Afterwards we traveled in different parts of Wilmington that I hadn't seen before. It was a great birthday! Love my family!

Would you believe I didn't gain any weight on this trip?

If you have ventured to my blog tell me how many quilts you have at home that you made. If you are not a quilter tell me if you have ever visited Wilmington or the surrounding area and some of the highlights that you have enjoyed. And if you have never been to Wilmington and have a garden tell me how your garden grows. Or you can share your latest recipe that you have made and really enjoyed.

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