Monday, September 10, 2018

Finished with Decorations

I found the pattern for The Tall Christmas Tree in a quilt store in Kentucky. I fell in love with it at first sight sensing that I had to have it!  How unique I thought! That was three years ago.

I came home with the pattern and began shopping at Thousands of Bolts - Only One Nut. On their website they have a Designers Palette where you place fabric swatches from their inventory so you can mix and match. I played with the design palette until I found the perfect fabric for my tree.

If you google "The Tall Christmas Tree" you will find many different styles from traditional to modern. I saw one that had candles, but the tree wasn't at all traditional with  your typical red and green Christmas colors.

I am celebrating the finish! the quilt has been 3 years in the making due to life interruptions.

Another celebration - my birthday. How sweet it was of my friend to take me out to dinner at Don Pedros Mexican restaurant.

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  1. I love this, Joanie. Christmas tree quilts can be predictable, but this one is anything but. It makes one smile! Thanks for sharing. (Did you get it when we were at the retreat?)

    1. Thanks Ellen! I like to a bit more creative. I could add a star and some gifts under the tree. Maybe later. I just want to call it finished at this time. The other thing I can do is exchange the decorations. I pinned then vs. sewing them. Maybe I can add a special ornament each year.

  2. Joanie it's so great to see you back blogging!! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday too!

  3. I love the unique..and I love Don favorite!! Look at all the energy you have...sending love

  4. Hi Joanie! I discovered your blog via Kevin-the-Quilter. Whenever you mentioned Wilmington and beaches, I kept thinking of Wilmington, Delaware where I had worked for 20 years. But you meant NC's version. Hope you did not lose much due to Hurricane Irma. I live in SC near Augusta, GA, and we were lucky Irma stayed east of us. But Wilmington (NC) was hit hard. I hope you are okay. Sandy at


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