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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Fulfilling Day!

I started my day at 5:00 a.m. in my sewing studio, sewing borders on a scrappy Irish Chain quilt that was pieced several years ago. Actually I sewed the first 3 sides of the inner border last evening and this morning the remaining side inner border. Then I ran downstairs to spend a few minutes with my hubby before he went off to work, put some chicken in the slow cooker with a can of mushroom soup, a cup of Chardonnay, 2 Tablespoons of butter and 1 1/2 Tablespoons of paprika which was wonderful! Quickly I ran upstairs to shower and get ready for book club with some friends. We have deemed the club F.L.A.W.s (former ladies at work.)

This evening I have been sewing the outside borders, 3 are done the 4th I will do tomorrow. By the time I add the remaining border the quilt will be 91" x 102." The sheer weight of the quilt top and the drag of it has worn me out!

I am really excited that I have finally bit the bullet to finish my Irish Chain. Bonnie Hunter, scrappy quilt queen, was the inspiration for my Irish Chain. I fell in love with the one she has pictured on her blog/website. I pieced the quilt top 3 or 4 years ago and since then deliberated for a couple of years about the border color. I actually purchased fabric for a blue border and scrapped that idea after awhile. Irish Chain lends itself to have a green border - right? Don't you think green when you think Ireland or Irish? I am loving the red and green borders.

So let me tell you about the book we are using for our book club. It is titled A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers.
  This is Amazon.com's description:
 "In this compilation of the five books in the best-selling Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers, we meet the five women whom God chose—Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Each was faced with extraordinary—even scandalous—challenges. Each took great personal risk to fulfill her calling. Each was destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World."

This week we studied the life of Rahab, a harlot that lived in Jericho. Because Rahab hid 2 Israelite spies her and her family's lives were spared. Rahab had a love of God that had settled in her heart which is amazing since her family and the people of her tribe worshiped idols. She didn't know the laws of God thus didn't know that her lifestyle as a harlot was not honorable and acceptable in the eyes of Him, that is until one of the spies spoke the truth. Once she heard it her heart embraced it and turned away from practicing harlotry. The grace of God not only showed her compassion and forgiveness but after having married Salmon, one of the spies, their son Boaz was in Christ's lineage. This expresses the love of God who loves those who love him regardless of any wrong doings they have done. We have hope when we have hearts softened by God.

Rahab's story reminds me of a song that is sung by Gwen Smith -  Broken into Beautiful

I hope you enjoy the song. Well it is a few minutes before midnight and it is time I end my day and get some rest. I am quite grateful for this fulfilling day. It has been filled with the love of friends, family, good food, again hearing the hope we have, and finally sewing in my studio, the room my husband has dubbed as my Woman's cave.

Good night and sweet dreams or maybe it will be Good Morning and Rise and Shine for you,

Good Morning! Woohoo! My Irish Chain has all of its borders.


  1. What a beautiful quilt and I'm so glad you are finishing it! Irish Chains are always fun to make!

  2. What a gorgeous Irish Chain! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the green border.

  3. This is just beautiful..love the colors!!! TFS

  4. I have always loved the Irish Chain quilt, but did 2 in blue and white. I love your scrappy quilts. Such a happy quilt. This will certainly be a "future" quilt for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

    blessings, jilly
    visiting from quilting by the river


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