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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Spring Day in Pictures

Today began first with a cup a coffee and my Bible. By 6:30 a.m. I was out working in the yard. Six hours later I took snapshots of all the blooming shrubbery. 
Aren't the hydrangeas beautiful?

 This is a close up a Lantana bush that has been re blooming for at least the past 5 years. It was supposed to be an annual. Every Spring and Summer I have to trim it back  at least 4 times during a season as it will overtake the steps to the front door. 
Humming birds love it! 
And we love watching them come and visit while sitting in our living room.

 I love this Oakleaf Hydrangea in my tree covered area in my backyard.

Oh my gosh! My Granny Smith Apple tree is going to bear more than 1 apple this year. The tree is laden with mini apples. 

 Miss Cassie loves playing outside with me while I am gardening! She loves sniffing and watching all the critters. I think it is time to go to the groomers. Last evening I gave her a top knot piggy tail but she decided she wasn't going to have any part of it!

The garden shed.

 The past two days I have been reworking my mini garden around the mailbox. It was beginning to look like a jungle. I replanted all the Irises along the perimeter of the border. The former area where the Irises were once planted now hosts pretty bright pink Vincas that really brighten up the garden. At Lowe's I purchased a couple bags of cow manure and 3 bags of organic matter that has mini wood chips in it. I treated the soil with the cow manure and mulched around the plants with the organic matter. I can't wait until the Irises are standing tall again and the Vincas grow giving more color.

After working around the mailbox I placed wavy brick border along the side walk and trimmed the shrubbery. I also planted Begonias along the brick border corners. All the planting was done and now I had to find the energy to clean up all the debris from trimming the shrubbery. I have a blower that also works like a sweeper and mulcher. It throws off a lot of dust which covered me in a a haze of North Carolina red clay dirt! So after all of this I was dirty, hungry, thirsty, tired and back was aching. By early afternoon I made it to my shower before Mike came home from work. He found Cassie and I out on the patio reading the newspaper and eating lunch. 
While reading the paper I kept wanting to nod off.

 Here is a collection of sticks that I am planning to use to make a bottle tree. 
Another day, not today I am too tired!

After a day outside on a absolutely beautiful and magnificent Spring day I crawled into my recliner with a good book, even though it is a good read, I finally fell off to sleep until it was time to make dinner. I really had planned to do a bit of quilting today. Well maybe I will get an hour in before going to bed. 
Where did this day go?

Happy Saturday,


  1. Wow, I am totally impressed. All that energy you have, the photography, the garden shed and now a bottle tree?? It is all looking wonderful.

  2. I just took a picture of the garden shed yesterday since the doors were opened. It has been in place since December, something my hubby and I talked about doing for years before it finally became a realization. Most of my latest gardening efforts was in the front yard. I could have taken a picture of the brick edger that I put in place but my poor shrubbery has many areas where the sun has scorched and killed parts of the bushes during the last 2 mega hot summers. I had energy yesterday but not that much!

  3. You garden looks wonderful. I am jealous that you can work for 6 hours at a time. I lose focus after 30 mins or so.


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