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Monday, May 14, 2012

Vacation in Pictures

Carolina Beach from the Pier

Aged Pelican Looking For Fish Tidbits

Stingray - No Thanks!

Gorgeous Sunrise

Young Pelican Following Lead of Aged One

Good Morning!

Another Beautiful Sunrise

$5 Tomato

1920s Quilt - Hand Pieced - Beautiful

Beware of Attack Cat That Showed His Fangs!
Beware of Attack Cat!

Beach Wedding

Geraniums at Farmers Market on River Front
Many Dogs At the Farmers Market

Quite a Beauty!

Hot Dog Stand at Farmers Market - Gal with Pigtails

Pottery Ware at Farmers Market

Knitted Scarves On Sale at Farmers Market

Tailess and Sheepless Dog at Farmers Market

Whats is a Farmers Market without Produce?

Hope you enjoyed my vacation pictures.


  1. Such nice pictures! Looks you had a great vacation!

  2. Love the pics. Would love a vacation at the beach about now!


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