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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blues and Greens

So many shades of blue and green. . .

Did you know?

Mary Jo's Fabrics, JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, even Walmart. . . .

Now have blue and green fabric in my Fabric.com shopping cart. . . more blues and greens in boyish like designs. So much fun like on a scavenger hunt looking for the perfect color and design!

Looking for polka dots, plaids, stripes, checks and anything that looks boyish. . . added a piece that is light lime green with jars filled with bugs, frogs and other assorted. . .  that's so boyish. Brings back memories when my nephew collected  frogs and gave them new a new home. . . in his pocket. Whew! mine didn't fill their pockets with surprises!

Focus fabric. . . would you believe Christmas design. . .  tree ornaments in blue and green?

To make a twin size quilt - 68" x 88" takes 374 blocks. . .each block 4 inches! Chain stitching. . .with background music to keep focused.

Stripping center with center color fabric flanked with white strips. . . saving fabric by cutting short strips for the outside triangles. . .most getting cut off when squaring off.

Picture above is laid out on the floor. . . so miss my design board. . .I see I need it as I noticed one block has the same green center strip joined. . .didn't notice it while on the floor.

Back to chain stitching. . . well maybe out to do my daily walk instead.


  1. So pretty, you have done a fine job in your color collecting! It will be loved ~

  2. Thank you for Pokey. I am hoping it will be loved. It is for a very special toddler loved by his family. There's a family situation surrounding his birth. He definitely came to a strong family unit...he has been blessed by them!

  3. Wow! It looks awesome! Way to go with all the little tiny blocks!!

  4. That looks great! I have always liked blues and greens in all kinds of shades.

  5. very pretty! reminds me of the ocean.


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