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Sunday, September 9, 2012

All on a Sunday!

<b>Quilts, Redwork, Sewing, Knitting! Quilting is my passion! Welcome to my world of Quilting!</b>
I was planning to go to church. 
My head was throbbing like it did a couple of weeks ago when I had a virus. 
Oh no!
 I have been feeding myself water and vitamin C 
along with some other goodies all day long. 
Though not feeling well it didn't keep me out of the kitchen.
 I remember seeing a recipe for Baked Blueberry Oatmeal on Pinterest.
Are you loving Pinterest like I am? 
Instead I found a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal. 
Great for a morning that says Fall is coming soon! 
You can find the recipe on my Breakfast board
The pinned picture will take you to chocolatecoveredkatie.com's blog. 
Her specialty is desserts.

It was divine hot out of the oven with brown sugar sprinkled on the top. 
I added raisins and walnuts in the recipe. 
It would have looked and tasted fantastic with some whipped cream!
Of course a cup of coffee complements it well!

Next I made Weight Watcher's Zero Point Soup.
 I keep a large bowl on hand. 
It's great for when you are feeling absolutely starved 
and want to eat every carbohydrate in the kitchen pantry. 
That's what I want to do after hibernating in my office/quilting studio 
working many hours beyond meal time. 
Just one cup heated up in the microwave keeps me going 
while making dinner or lunch without devouring everything in sight.

Head was still throbbing yet I wanted some play time 
being motivated by seeing the quilts on Pinterest.
 Celtic Psalms and Hymns soothed me enough that 
I was able to cut the pieces for 
Cleopatra's Puzzle Block (a September Crafsty BOM). 

Not too bad in spite of feeling a bit incapacitated!

So now as I write this message I have Riverdance playing in the background.
 Mike and I went to see them when they performed in Charlotte.

Many of you may have seen some of Charlotte if following the DNC on television. 
Hubby works at the airport and this past week has been extremely busy. 
20,000 people left Charlotte Friday morning. 
A Friday morning typically sees about 5,500 by noon. 
On Friday there were 16,500 people.
He was so content to come home today and kick back in his
 recliner and take in the Panther's football game.
Thus dinner was on me this evening and it was leftovers.

Leftover chicken, pork chops and turkey sausage.
Added Yukon potatoes, onions and lima beans,
 all cooked in a couple tablespoons of olive oil.
 Dish up and add ketchup.
Hubby gave thumbs up!
Not too bad for cleaning out the refrigerator.

Now do I give in to this headache and go read a bit or do I start another quilt block?
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild is having another block swap. 
Looks like a fun block to make.
 Click on the link and check it out!
Since visiting the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild's website 
I have been reminded that I signed up for a mug rug swap 
that is due September 27th. 

It's mug rug time instead of Japanese X.

Happy Sunday or a good day if you are reading this after Sunday.

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