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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anyone Interested in Participating In a Challenge UFO and USO?

Are you needing motivation to finish quilts?
Do you easily become sidetracked with the latest or greatest new quilt pattern?
Do you want to finish those quilts or quilting projects?
I do! 
This is a picture of just a few of the quilts I need to finish. 

Read the challenge rules below. If this is something that sounds fun to you comment below and I will inform you on how to sign-up. We had some great stories and successes among the participants. Then of course there was me who actually was managing the challenge became involved with my home based accounting business that took over my quilting time. Thus my list of 2012 is basically my list for 2013. Read my lists below:

Rules for Challenge UFO/WIP 2013

 OK, so here’s the deal for the UFO/WIP 2013 Challenge. The rules are substantially the same as 2012. But, I will ask all who are participating to contribute $5.00 towards the prize at the end of the year. You can send it to me in the mail. When you send me the private message with your Lists, I’ll email you my address. The prize will be for the most projects completed (points) in the year: from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Since we are getting started a little late, the Challenge is retroactive to January 1st.
The Lists are as follows:

List #1: UFO’s - UnFinished Objects you want to complete this year.

List #2: USO’s – UnStarted Objects you have in mind to finish this year.

Title each project on each List precisely along with dimensions (Tyler’s Baseball quilt 64”X80”) and send them to me in a private message by January 31. No additions/corrections after that date. No Lists accepted after that date.

Each line item is worth 1 point. Multiple small objects (5 ornaments, 7 mug rugs, etc.) should be listed as 1 line item. Minimal effort items (labels, binding, etc) should be listed 2-3 per line item. BOM’s will be considered 1 point when the entire project is completed.

Then, when an item is completed (top, quilting and binding), post the exact title as it appears on your List here in this thread on Passionate Quilters (not in QGR) along with a picture and I will cross it off your list. If they're all in the same place, it's better to keep track of them all.

Simple. Happy Quilting.

Below are my lists for 2013.

Double Irish Chain - 106" x 110"
House Quilt Wall Hanging - 34" x 34"
Eons QP's Calendar Exchange Block Quilt - 54" x 78
Eons QP's Heart Exchange Block Quilt - 71" x 71"
Eons QP's Challenge Block Quilt - 76" x 76"
Modern Blue/Green Quilt for Lance - 45" x 60"

Tyler's Baseball t-Shirt Quilt - 64" x 82"
Caleb's Baseball t- Shirt quilt - 64" x 82"
Parker's t-Shirt Quilt - 64" x 82"
Crafty's BOM Quilt 36" x 48" or bigger
Winter Redwork Quilt - 36" x 44"
Whistle Peg Charm Square Tote - 13.5" x 13.5" x 4.5"
Mariner Star by Judy Niemeyer - 48" x 60"
Tree Farm - 60" x 80"
Modern Quilt as pictured in The Big Book of Patchwork - 47" x 58"

Want to know about another challenge for completing those UFOs. Check out A Passion for Applique's blog. Click on the picture below.Carrie asks that you identify 3 items you want to finish in a month, take pictures and post them. The deadline is the 4th of each month. I am one day late but will plan on it next month.


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