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Monday, January 28, 2013

Creativity Increases with Budget Restraints - Piecing Your Quilt Back

My original plan was to have one strip of blocks to widen the quilt back. It still was not wide enough. I could have purchased more Kona White Cotton but opted to create more width by additional piecing. 

 By adding a couple more rows jazzed up the back a bit. It is plenty wide and more so than what is needed. Now it needs a white strip along the left side to show off the edge strip which will be accomplished when cutting a strip from the right side and sewing it on the left side.

A little ingenuity saved myself a trip to the fabric store and savings in my pocketbook. I'm sure if I did shop I would have purchased more fabric than what I needed or my budget could handle. Also with a bit more patience and a couple more days of working on the quilt back offers a more pleasing appearance.

So how do you entertain yourself while piecing? Heaven was a Sunday afternoon in my quilting studio while watching a series of Downton Abbey. Want to watch it on your laptop or Ipad? Click on the Downton Abbey link and watch online. Enjoy!


  1. So happy to seeing that you're blogging again! The quilt is beautiful, front and back.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ellen. Good to be back blogging. I created a quilting facebook page of what was originally the Quilters Passion Group. It was established for the Challenge UFO/WIP and New Projects 2012. Since then we have changed the name of the facebook group to Passionate Quilters. If interested in seeing some Eons friends from the old group let me know and I will extend an invitation.


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