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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilt Designed on Electric Quilt

God's Perpetual Dance

I designed this quilt using Electric Quilt.
With color pencils and graph paper I designed one block. The block was then recreated in Electric Quilt. This is where the fun began. What could one simple block look like by rotating the same block? Can you see the block? There are 5 blocks across and down.

The stars represent God's Glory as we dance through life's journeys.When we trust God it can become like a flowing dance regardless of the trials and tribulations. I was quite surprised that the rotation of blocks resulted in a quilt pattern that has a sense of movement with arms that reached out to the next. Like a dance.

Inspiration for the block is from Julie True's  song God's Perpetual Dance on her Spirit to Spirit CD. Her soaking music is very soothing and healing unlike my quilt that has vibrant colors which expresses liveliness and joy. Joy increases when we stay close to God and trust Him in all things, even during the trials we all eventually have to face.

Colors were chosen based on the description as written in scriptures for making the curtains for the Meeting of the Tabernacle. The cloth was linen with strands of scarlet and purple threads and metallic gold woven in the fabric. Being a lover of fabric I am quite intrigued that God was very specific in the finite details in the instructions of the colors and fibers.

Wishing all a happy and restful Sunday.
It has been quite a restful one for me as I am fighting a cold. Spent much of my day looking laying down with my Ipad visiting many quilt blogs.Thank you David for such a nice Christmas gift, my youngest son.


  1. what a great quilt. I love the symbolism you have expressed in the quilt. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. What a beautiful quilt and Electric Quilt is so much fun to work with! Thanks for sharing.
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