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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chip It!

Now that I have become a Pinterest addict I have seen many of these color cards that are so wonderful. So I decided to explore it a bit. Sherwin Williams has a website where you can download a picture of a setting of your preference and it will pull all the colors that you can use to recreate a room or a quilt. I have been wanting to do something to bring out different colors in my living room and was surprised by some of the colors. I want to use more greens and other colors to make it more eye appealing. Try it is fun at Chip It.

I took a picture of a pillow that is made of the same fabric in my window treatments against a love seat that I have. I was very surprised with some of the colors that chip it showed.

The colors printed are lighter than what is shown in the chip it card above but are still in the same family. Daring, Torchlight and Rockwood Jade are brighter colors. I have a Judy Niemeyer Mariner's Star quilt pattern and think I will see how I can incorporate these colors! A wonderful quilt in these colors as a wall hanging would bring life to my living room, as well as other items too to pull it all together.

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