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Monday, March 25, 2013

Very Little Quilting - But Great Time with Friends

We try to get together once a month but sometimes that doesn't always happen with busy schedules. But when we do it is always a sweet reunion. We have deemed ourselves as the FLAW (Former Ladies At Work). We were all on staff with a crisis pregnancy center.

This past Saturday we who live in Charlotte took a road trip to Winston Salem to attend an Easter program and visit our former Director who now lives in Winston Salem, NC. One of us is missing since she is involved in her own church's Easter program. Lunch was at the Village Tavern and their Spinach Chicken Salad was wonderful! If ever in that area I would highly recommend the restaurant.

After chatting and visiting we left to go to the Easter program at Calvary Baptist in Winston Salem. The program was well done with a crucifixion scene that was so close to real that played on the emotions and served as a reminder the huge sacrifice Jesus made to atone for us. Prior to that scene Jesus rode in on a beautiful white donkey while the believers waved palm branches honoring him as the king.

To conclude our time we all went to view Bobbie's new home while she served up a small cream cheese and chocolate dessert to get us home. Below is a picture of the stage before the program began. 

Sunday, was such a blustering day of rain and wind. When the weather changes so dramatically I end up with headache that debilitates, thus I was not able to do much quilting. When I was feeling better we had an unannounced visitor at the door.

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