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Monday, July 22, 2013

2 More Blocks Done - Free Motion Quilting

Circle of Geese and Asterik make it 5 blocks done! Now working on block # 6. The Asterik is a redo. I looked at it for several days and decided to rip out what I had completed. Following my drawing didn't enhance the block one iota.

There are so many wonderful free motion quilting designs available to pick and choose from. I have developed a Pinterest board of free motion quilting designs and motifs. Check it out if needing to be inspired. I probably spent as much time pinning as I have free motion quilting.

I have been listening to books on CDs.  I need to be entertained while quilting thus made a trip to my local library this morning to pick up more CDs so I can get this quilt done.

Please share with me your favorite marking pencils especially white ones. I have one that is my favorite but it is a stub of a pencil and I don't remember what brand it is. I have two other brands but they do not mark as well! I tried the Clover White Marking Pen, Quilting Clean Erase, General's Pastel Chalk and a chalk stick without success!  I used Quilting Pounce too. Though it gave me a nice visible line but by the time I reached the end of a sashing row it rubbed off.

Thanks for stopping by. I love my visitors and comments. Don't forget to check my Pinterest Board too!

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  1. Wow Joanie - Those are some teeny tiny feathers. Great job on them!

    I like how you are keeping with a feather and straight line theme throughout the quilt. It will really come together nicely in the end.

  2. Your blocks look great. I took that class, but didn't sew any of them, watched the lessons, read the comments, but didn't want to start a new project. I do think I learned a lot even by watching. now I am watching some of Leah Day's lessons to learn more machine quilting.

  3. What perfect stitches for these blocks, you are a thread artist ~

  4. Love the quilting. The first one is a great block, but the way you quilted, just frames it so perfectly and draws you in. Love it. Great pinterest board! I started following it, thanks for the link. I've got quite a few stored on pinterest as well.

  5. Wow...I am impressed. Beautiful work


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