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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tutorial on Using Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs

Busy strippy doesn't allow for showing off the feather square wreaths in each quarter section of this block but does leave the impression that it has been quilted which is good enough for me.

This block was #1 out of 3 on my goal list to finish yesterday! Want to know more about time management read my previous post!

Tutorial on Using Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs

Step 1. Choose your design. I used Follow-the-line Quilting Designs *Volume Three* by Mary M. Covey. It is a collections of full-size patterns for blocks and borders. I picked up my box at my local quilt store.

Step 2. Copy your selected design.

Step 3. Using Golden Threads Quilting Paper, a light weight see thru paper that comes in a roll in 3 different widths -12", 18" & 24" . Cut the number of sections that you will need. I cut 4 since my block was made in quarters.

Step 4. Layer the sized Golden Threads Quilting Paper over the copied template. Without thread in your machine free motion quilt the design. This will serve two purposes of one having the design to follow while FMQ and perforating the paper making it easier to tear away. 

Step 5. Pin the perforated Golden Threads Quilting Paper onto your block.

Step 6. Thread your machine and begin free motion quilting your design. Follow the numbers on the template for the best way to quilt your selected design. Once completed tear away the paper.

The next thing on my goal list was to do something with this fabric.

Tah Dah!

And another Tah Dah!
In an effort to organize I made 25 kits.

The third thing on my list was taking care of my clients accounting and other miscellaneous administrative work.

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It was a good day!

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  1. Hey Joanie, I used these every now and then, so I read your tute for a few hints. It looks like we are of the same mindset on how to get the lines onto the quilt. I recently purchased a FriXion quilting pen and love it. I don't use it often, but when I need a pen, it's the one I go to every time now.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I've never used Quilting Designs but have wanted to try it as some point. I love your new method on getting 3 things done per day. I read the post and am trying to use it!

  3. I learned a lot from you today! I'm not familiar with follow-the-line quilt designs or the special quilting paper! Thanks for the education :)


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