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Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Ridge Mountain Fall Table Runner and Winner of the Giveaway!

Fall really seems to be happening today. The temperature has dropped, the air has a cool refreshing breeze and the leaves are slowly meandering to the ground when looking out my quilting studio window.

The Blue Ridge Mountains' Fall display is a favorite area to see the foliage in its majesty.  The leaves are brilliant red, yellow, orange and green. This year I just may see the Blue Ridge Mountains when the colors are at their peak while attending an annual conference in Black Mountain, NC. You can bet I will have my camera with me to capture the beauty. Check out this picture at JayKaiser's Home in Brevard, NC Blog a breathtaking snapshot that he took.

In anticipation of seeing the leaves I have created a Fall table runner. I am calling it "the Blue Ridge Mountains in its Glory Table Runner.

This table runner was designed on Electric Quilt. Original size was 78.5" x 22.5."

 Then redesigned after laying the blocks on my table learning that the first design was too long for my dining room table by eliminating the middle block.

 Again redesigned the final one measures 56" x 15.5" due to not having enough fabric for the outer border. And if you take a closer look at the actual finished table runner the leaves are turned outward vs. inward.

Thus concludes the saga of the table runner creation process.

Whooping It Up Week! A Give Away to Celebrate!

Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway, becoming followers if not prior and a huge thanks to all who took the Raggedy Ann and Andy Survey. 

The results of the survey were:
1. Which do you prefer - the new modern or the traditional? 
                  Modern - 26.6%
                  Traditional - 73.33%
2. What size do you like best? 
                  15" - 40%
                  20" - 60%
                  25" - 0% 
3. If you had a choice would you select a specific color or fabric?
                  Yes - 80%
                  No - 20%

4. Have you ever owned a Raggedy Ann or Andy or both? 
                  Yes - 86.67%
                  No - 13.33%

The traditional in the mid size (20") is the preference. Surprisingly was the large percent of those who once owned a Raggedy Ann or Andy or both. After the fact I believe there should have been an age category included in the survey.

 Okay let's get to who the winner is of the giveaway.
      She is #24 as selected by the Random Generator

      Kathy is the winner.

      Kathy is not a blogger so I will be contacting her by email!

      Congratulations you are the winner of:
      Simple Vintage Jellies from JoAnn Fabrics. 
       and  A Bunny Hill Design Pumpkin Pie Pattern

      Anyone wanting to see the giveaways can go here.
      Again thanks to all who participated!

      Linky parties attending:

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      1. Love the fall runner....it's perfect for fall.

      2. love fall table runner which is perfect to show off during fall.
        congrats to the winner.

      3. What a great table runner. Love the colors you chose.I need to make myself something like that:)

      4. What a beautiful table runner. Lovely blocks and great quilting. What a eye candy!
        Love from Amsterdam

      5. The runner is so pretty! I love the happy, fall colors!

      6. Beautiful table runner Joanie and it was fun reading about your plans with the blocks. I always make my tablerunners smaller. Congrats to the winner also! Thanks for sharing.
        Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

      7. What a fun table runner! The colors and quilting are great!

      8. The table runner is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous.

      9. Those colors look so wonderful together! So fall-y!


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