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Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's Never Too Late!

Today I finished the Star Light Star Bright quilt top! WooHoo! 

Melissa at Happy Quilting designed the pattern. You can find the pattern and her clear and excellent instructions here.

She designed the quilt/quilt block to make various sizes varying the sizes of the blocks and the number of blocks per row and columns. I chose the 24" block - 3 x 3.

She also charted the fabric needed for each layout as well as several color combinations.

While following the weekly quilt - a long, a total of ten weeks I was motivated each week to keep up with her. Some of the weekly assignments took longer than others.  But then life happened about the 8th week and here it is approximately 3 months later the quilt top is now getting finished.

I am really pleased with how the square points meet block to block. I had to pencil in lines on the sashing so the seams would line up. As always I had to learn the hard way. I had sewn two blocks together and the points didn't even come close to being aligned.

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Joanie’s Trendy Quilts

QOV Block Drive ~ Hosted by Kevin the Quilter 

We have a Star Quilter Among Us!!! - Kevin the Quilter
Check out his video presentation! He led a huge and successful Quilt of Valor campaign with the help of many of the blogosphere quilters! He was interviewed by Fox News! Click on the logo or the name above to see the videos showing the Quilt of Valor presentation! Please join me in applauding his great efforts!

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is raffling 3 of her quilts as a fundraiser to help her daughter and son-in-law raise funds to adopt a deaf Chinese little boy. Want to know more the quilts and raffle go here. Read about Chris's and Nancy's story here. Here is a blurb from their story: "A few months ago we realized we were ready to think about having another child. We decided that now was the time to adopt. And because of our experience with Emmalyn, our hearts were open to a child with special needs. I began checking listings of children in China that were considered to be “special focus.” This means that they are considered to be difficult to place because of their special need or their age. One night I stumbled across a photo of a gorgeous little boy who was listed as deaf. I requested to review his file and within a couple of days (full of prayer!) we knew he was our son!"

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  1. Looks beautiful! I never finish quilt tops on time. I eventually do finish them and I guess that's what counts. Great job on the finish

  2. Way to stick with it! I love your finished quilt top. Now you get to decide how to quilt it!

  3. This is beautiful, love love love the fabric colours...so pretty.

  4. It's awesome! Well worth the time for sure. Congrats!

  5. Great job! That was a fabulous QAL, my first. I loved it and my quilt. cdahlgren @ live dot com

  6. So beautiful! I love the fabrics you have chosen they really make the design stand out. Well done.

  7. This top is gorgeous, Joanie! I love your fabric choices and the extra effort in making those points match up really paid off. Congratulations!

  8. This is gorgeous! I have some Scrumptious that I'm waiting to find the perfect project for. Hmmm. I may have to consider this quilt since I know it looks great in Scrumptious. Excellent job!

  9. Oh Joanie, It turned out absolutly stunning!!! What a beautiful finish!!! Your points all came together just so perfect and your color combos are just incredible. Beautiful!!!

  10. Your quilt top looks wonderful! I love the design and the fabrics you used!

    1. Saw your pi quilt at the AQS show in Charlotte this past weekend. Congratulations!

  11. Joanie, your Star Light Star Bright quilt is so beautiful! I absolutely love how the blocks play with each other and create a different design, depending on how you focus on them! Wonderful choices in fabrics too!


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