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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Calendar Block Quilt Top is Finished!

If you have been following my blog you will notice that the blocks in the quilt top shown were just blocks on the design board a couple of weeks ago.  So I am making progress with completing UFOs (Unfinished Objects).

CoffeeQuilter's Banner was too pretty to put on the back of the quilt so I decided it needed to be on the top of the quilt. This made for a long quilt - 78" x 54".

Lime Green was the most consistent color in the majority of the blocks. There is a story behind why there is so much lime green. It was established by one member of the Quilters Passion members that lime green was the new neutral color. For about a month our small group's messages centered around lime green to the point of being silly and having fun. Another member sent a private message suggesting to all participating in the block swap that we add lime green somewhere in our blocks.  I made 12 blocks with the brightest lime green background. Can you guess which block I made for each of the participants? I took the lime green to the extreme by making paper pieced flower baskets for the month of August. Each basket has a 3-dimensional napkin being held down with a butterfly button. Some of the other baskets made for friends had green napkins and one batik warm red napkin.

Back to describing the quilt. The fabric I chose for the sashing had cool and warm colors predominately being lime green with pinkish/reddish flowers which seemed to work with most of the blocks and helped to pull them together. The warm color in the sashing fabric that was the most evident was butterscotch which worked well with SandySoup's May tulip paper pieced block. There was also tan and taupe which worked with the last quarter of the month blocks. Take notice the first quarter blocks have white backgrounds.

The sashing fabric has some black so I ended up choosing black fabric with purplish pink feathers and cherries which worked well with the sashing fabric. I took a swatch of the sashing fabric to my favorite quilt store where the shop owner assisted me in choosing the fabric for the border. I experimented with purple that matched the purple easter basket and batik reddish/purple shades. The one we chose seemed to make the quilt pop the most. 

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