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Sunday, November 27, 2011

House Quilt Blocks Having Been Inspired by Freddy Moran Quilts

This is a quilt I started a couple of years ago by making house quilt blocks from a pattern that was in "Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts!" by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. Pictured in their book was a quilt made by Franny Moran titled "Freddy's House." Freddy uses a lot of black and white prints with various bright and bold printed fabrics.

In my quilt I am designing it as I go along. There is something about being free to do whatever you feel inclined to do as you progress with different segments of a quilt. The panels are not sewn together. I'm planning to line each side with paper pieced trees. My question is, "How organized or symmetrical should a quilt be to be appealing to the eye? Or is it strictly the fabric pallette that makes a quilt appealing to the eye, or both?" As I look at the picture I need to add more cheddar so the blocks will work with the cheddar in the border. Anyone seeing this please feel free to make comments on how to make this quilt look better.

The border is paper pieced. I drew the lines for the 1" x 3" pointed triangles. The paper pieced trees are from Electric Quilt. I took one of their blocks and resized it to the size that I needed to fit the length of the panels. At this moment I am planning to frame the two or possibly three house panels that will be tree lined with the pointed triangle border. Well off to work on the trees. Come back to see the progression of this quilt.

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