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Monday, November 28, 2011

Spiced Up Paper Pieced Trees

I noticed on various bloggers pages that they have taken the pledge. The pledge is that they promise to show the process of their quilty project. I've not officially taken the pledge but thought I could at least share the process.

Today I am working on paper pieced trees for my improvisational quilt. My selection in stash for green fabric is limited but did find a couple of possibilties. That means a good reason to visit my favorite quilt store soon. On this particular tree I am using a batik green. As pretty as the tree is it needed to be spiced up. I used a Jungle print that I picked up at my local fabric store. So what do you think? Oh, by the way the foundation for the tree is printed from Electric Quilt.
I think this quilt is representative of my new found freedom after resigning from my position after 2 months shy of 14 years. The best description I can give is that it is like jumping out of the nest and learning to fly on the way down. Hmmm, maybe this quilt needs a bird or two.  

It is a beautiful day today with the temperature being 71 degrees. Is this almost December? I have the window open while stitching away. I'm going to work on another tree or two, do some laundry while sewing and maybe finish up raking up leaves if I can convince my sweet hubby to come and help me since today is his day off. What is your day looking like today?

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