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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Exactly Related To Quilting

Today started like any other day until I mentioned to hubby on his day off that it was time to buy another grill. We have gone without one for a couple of years. We really missed grilling out! How did we do that when it was a major source of cooking in our household for most of our married years. Since it is mostly hubby and me eating together we purchased a small size grill that is heavy duty and sturdy.

Darling husband decided he was going to put it together because he didn't think it would fit in the car. Well the box didn't exactly fit in the car either. We ended up opening up the box and pulling the parts out and loading them in the trunk and back seat. Success! I now didn't have to worry about it falling out of the trunk on the way home, even though it was a short trip.

Now we had to decide where we were going to assemble it. It was 88 degrees today in Charlotte, so doing it out on the patio was not even a consideration. The garage was the place. I thought I was being helpful when I brought out a cake pan for all the parts. I guess I wasn't! So while darling husband was assembling I was cleaning out the washtub, weeding and any other chore I could do outside being close-by in case I was needed. Only twice was I recruited, once when the grill was placed on the stand, and the second time when the screws and whatnot needed to assemble the grill were lost, but found.

Once it was completely built we made another trip to Lowe's to exchange the propane tank and while we were there I picked out a color to paint my sewing studio. I am so excited about changing the color. I have grown quite weary of the current blue color. The new color is Seagull Beach. I looked it up online to see if I could find a picture of the color. It looks lavender on my laptop screen but the color is somewhere between a light taupe and dark ecru. It will be more calming and will look nice with my existing window treatment that is light gray blue.

So guess what we had for dinner this evening? It was grilled, our favorite standby, grilled burgers. It was nice having a partner to cook dinner, hubby on the grill and me doing the veggies and fries.

I am calling it a good and blessed day. It is a blessing to share a day doing mundane things with my sweet husband, Mike. I hear the routine happening that occurs each evening as we prepare to retire for the day. Cassie has been walked, fed and watered, the alarm is going beep beep beep from going in and out the door, and the doors and blinds are being shut. Darling hubby is washing the bread pan from the banana bread I made this evening and Cassie is galloping up the stairs letting us know it is time for bed.

 Things I/we are grateful for today:
  • For our new grill
  • For God's provisions, sustaining us with when I resigned from my job.  Now I have several accounting jobs and a marketing research one while working at home. Love it!
  • For our three sons who are each special and unique
  • That I can use my talents, skills and experience that in general assist other people


  1. What a lovely post, Joanie! I enjoyed reading about your day. The new color of your sewing room sounds wonderful! I hope you'll share pics with us!

  2. We've been without a grill for a couple of years too. I use my Foreman for most things but hubby wants a grill again. Just last night he mentioned it. I begged him to wait to see if we have to move AGAIN soon.

    Wonderful things to be thankful for!


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