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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pin Cushions Revisited

One of two pin cushions made for a swap.
I was hoping Karen would love it! She did!

This is the second pin cushion I made for Karen!
I made one for myself too!

The swap project went like this: Using flickr create a picture mosaic of your favorite pin cushions. Karen, my swap buddy, requested that she wanted a purple pin cushion. One of her pictures within the mosaic was a pin cushion with a variable star with an inked image of flowers in the center made with a different color of fabric. I didn't have a pattern to follow so I found a similar square shaped pin cushion and used it as a guideline for sizing the pattern pieces.  Using Electric Quilt I printed off a foundation for a 3 inch variable star to paper piece and cut borders to size for the top piece. The filler is crushed walnut shells.

This is the pin cushion Emily made for me. 
Love it! Love it!


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE them. Thank you so much. They are wonderful and I have already put them to use this weekend. You do such wonderful work and I will think of you each time I use them.

  2. I just love your pincushions! They're pretty and so useful! I hope I find some patterns I like!!

  3. The pincushion swap was fun to watch...we do have a creative group!!! And your machine quilting is wonderful!! I will never forget the white on black:)


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