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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flying Biscuit, FLAWs and Craftsy May BOM

FLAWs at Flying Biscuit Restaurant

Breakfast was divine not because of the food, though it was tasty and inviting, but it was due to sharing it with dear friends, and that is priceless. Hugs were offered before sitting down. How comfortable we have become with each other after working many years together in a ministry that supports women who face a crisis pregnancy or suffers from the after affects of having an abortion.

 The chattering began each bringing each other up to speed with the latest happenings in our lives. Karen had us in stitches telling about her day with her 90 year old mother-in-law riding a scooter as though she was on a race track through Target. Nanette with much pizzaz talked about her new job and the latest with her two sons. She is the encourager in our group. Teresa always so creative with scrap booking, photography, cooking, a fan of Pinterest and who loves RVing always has her techy toys. She is quite gifted. Louise who loves her family now volunteers at Samaritan's Purse and the Food Pantry. She has an awesome gift for hospitality who can talk to anyone. Not only can she talk to anyone she can do just about anything that she puts her mind to. We called her the "mom" at the Center. And then there is me bringing the latest going on in my family and business building. I love these ladies. There were two missing from the group today and we were sad that they couldn't be with us today. We missed you Bobbie and Leslie!

 Our waitress at Flying Biscuit had to come back to our table 3 times before we were settled enough to read the menu. What a great way to begin a weekend!

Craftsy May Block of the Month - Wonky 6-sided Log Cabin

Prior to meeting with the FLAWs (former ladies at work) I completed one of two of Craftsy's May block of the month. It is a Wonky 6-Sided Log Cabin Block, a great scrap buster beginning with a fussy cut butterfly as the center piece. I didn't watch the video so what was to be 5-sided wonky is now 6-sided wonky, but that is okay with me. It is an easy block where you sew fabric strips and trim on an angle to create a rounded wrap-a-round appearance. I chose to frame my wonky design rather than continuing sewing logs to each corner. Hopefully, before going to bed I will complete the second block which will also have a fussy cut block.

Works in Progress on the Design Board

 My design board is supporting 5 projects in the making. I have been working diligently during the past week to catch up with my challenges: Craftsy Block of the Month and Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Now that we have changed over to June I am now 3 months behind with FMQ and 1 month with Craftsy.

My day was completed by planting a Cleyera shrub and various plants: Caladium, Hosta, Coral Bells, the sweetest succulent plant, Ajuga and WireVine ground cover.  There was an area in my garden that needed some attention. Check out this website to see a great idea on how to use succulents  for wedding place cards.. I have recently grown a fondness for succulent plants. Mostly due to seeing some great ideas on Pinterest. Check out my Brilliant Garden Board on Pinterest.

Feel free to tell me about your latest quilting project, friend story or your day. I love hearing from each one that drops by. If you are not a blogger choose anonymous. Be sure to leave your name or screen name if you know that I will recognize it at the end of the message so I can respond.


  1. What a wonderful ministry to have been involved in. I'm sure because of the nature of it the bond you all have runs deep.
    Loving the loook of your design wall-especially the star blocks. I am also behind with the FMQ but have chosen not to do them all. Loving the Cindy Needham lesson for this month-hope to do a class with her in Austrlaia this year.

  2. What a wonderful group to be a part of! Your design wall looks very busy! All your projects look really good. I'm not sure I can do this month's FMQ challenge. It seems hard to me!

  3. That is a wonderful ministry to be a part of, Joanie! Your projects are looking great and you are catching up! I managed to get one of the Craftsy March blocks done. I'm hoping I can get a few more done this week and try catching up as well.

  4. I love your wonky log cabin block! How neat! What a wonderful ministry to be in! The scooter story made me laugh as I just turned 61 and got an advertisement for a scooter in the mail. Now that really gave my DAD a chuckle!


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