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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Craftsy's June BOM & Graduation Weekend

  Craftsy's June Block of the Month

This month's blocks are from the nine block family. Blocks are Octagon Block and Greek Cross Block.I have made my fair share of nine block quilts, one of my favorite patterns that is simple but yet has many various designs that create a total new look for a quilt.
Octagon Block

Greek Cross Block

 Weekend with the Family

How quickly they grow up! Tyler is my oldest grandson. 

Tyler with his dad, my son and me on graduation day.

Tyler graduated with a 4.25% grade average from Wake Forest-Rolesville High School. 
I am so proud of him.

While in town for Tyler's graduation I went along to watch Caleb at baseball practice. 
Caleb is on a college showcase traveling team. He is an outfielder.

Caleb Suited Up 

 This is only one dresser top filled with Caleb's and his teams' baseball trophies.

Baseball Trophies

And here is Parker my youngest grandson. Oh my as I am writing this I am reminded that I need to go get him a birthday card. He will be 13 this upcoming Saturday.  In the picture below his dad allowed him to steer the boat while cruising on Falls Lake. 

Mindy was giving Parker instructions on how to get up on the wake board. Parker never did get there. More practice. Mindy didn't easily give up, but Parker got to the place where he was tired.


  1. Great blocks, Joanie! Congratulations to Tyler and the whole family! You look way too young to be a grandmother!

  2. Your blocks look great! I finally caught up on mine as well. Congratulations to everyone on their achievements! I agree with Rosemary...you look too young to be a grandmother!!!

  3. Thank you all about the looking young compliments. I suppose if you saw me in the real you would notice the aging. Every time I visit my kids in Raleigh and am introduced to one of their friends they all say you don't look old enough to be their mother. It must be that now that I nearing 60 I have a more childlike attitude. I love playing, playing in my garden, my sewing room, playing with my family. LOL!


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