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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Free Motion Quilting Challenge

SewCalGal, the hostess for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge, invited Cindy Needham to be June's free motion instructor. Cindy's incredible talent blows me away with not only her fabulous quilts but with her free motion quilting style and method of teaching! Cindy's work is very detailed yet she is quite laid back in creating her art. Her specialty is quilting with antique linens. Check out Cindy's website. I printed all her pages as they will always be a great read for reviewing and future reference.

The picture to the left is my first practice attempt. More practice needed! Yet I am inspired! I really focused on making my machine hum and purr!

Background music helped me to stay in rhythm. My favorite was listening to Shamrock and Thistle. Try it! You will absolutely find the Irish music perfect for when free motion quilting. Check some of the line ups at NPR Online Radio.

Time to get serious by making a drawing that will work with my fabric size. If you have been following me you know that I have been making each monthly sample into a wall hanging.

I love the idea of filling in around the main design, though my drawing doesn't reflect but one fill in style my finished piece included many more.

Being a novice I was being brave to use color thread that shows all the oops! Maybe I will learn from them.

Cindy Needham thank you so much for giving of your time! I had so much fun making this piece and using your ideas.


  1. Beautiful job....you were very brave to take the dive into this one. Love your design.

  2. Joanie, your little practice piece is beautiful enough to bind and hang and call it your challenge for the month! And the big wallhanging - wow! Thistle & Shamrock has been one of my favorite shows for many years!

  3. Gorgeous work, Joanie! Love that you're making a wall hanging! Such a neat idea! Mine are just practice pieces I hope to go back to as reference.

  4. Joanie, you did a great job! Your feather is beautiful! My hummin' music is a bit different than yours...I like Usher and a little R&B!! See you at the next Guild meeting.

  5. You are doing some wonderful work Joanie, the coloured thred is really cool.

  6. Wow, it is beautiful! You are inspiring, and it makes me want to give a stab at the feather stitch again. Great work ~

  7. i would bind this little piece and hang it behind a door so when people close the door it would give them a little surprise treat

  8. This is beautiful work. It's so much fun to take that plunge with contrasting thread. I love it.

  9. Oh I love the turquoise colored thread! Great design.

  10. Wonderful! Making each of these pieces into individual wall hangings is a great idea.....turns the project into much more than just practice.....great job!


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