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Friday, December 2, 2011

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild's Christmas Party and etc.

Last evening was my first Christmas event for 2012. The members of Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild gathered at an artsy coffee house, Fabo, a few miles down the road from my alma mater, Queens University of Charlotte. Met a young stay at home mom (SAHM) and learned of her passion for quilting. Though modern quilting has been on the horizon for quite awhile the difference is, that it seems to me, is the growing interest among younger women much the same as it has been with knitting!  Bianca, the young mom, shared her story how she fits in quilting between meeting the demands of children and husband. Her children are being inspired by her quilting projects wanting to play "being her quilting assistant." This makes me smile!

While at the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild's Christmas party those of us who participated in the Challenge Robert Kauffman Kona Solid Challenge displayed their quilts. The creativity among this group is amazing and inspiring, each having their own personality built into their quilt.  As for me who is learning to transition from a traditional quilter to a modern quilter, or at least capture this wonderful movement into some of my own quilts, I still have not released some of my traditional ways. 
http://www.flickr.com/photos/54871961@N03/6442508263/in/pool-1650750@N20/  This link gives you a better look at the back of the Challenge Quilt.

Yesterday I cut out 3 more houses for my improvisational quilt and after coming home from the Christmas party sewed them together and discovered another way to make the houses pop which means I will be taking apart the previous panels to add darker borders and eliminating the green strip inserts that detract. I am loving how the far right panel looks! So for the rest of the day I will be out shopping looking for more fabulous black and white fabric. Please comment if you stop by my blog today so I know who has visited today. I love visitors!


  1. Joanie, your blog is great and your quilt is beautiful. Those houses are so cute too. :) Let me know if you would like me to add your blog to the CLTMQG blog roll if it isn't already. :)

  2. Hi Joanie. I just discovered your blog from a post on FB. Your blog looks great. I haven't read all your posts yet but am looking forward to it. Love your house blocks. I've wanted to do a quilt of them for some time now. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.


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