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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This was lunch yesterday - Maggianos! Yes! it was as good as it looks. Included with the price was an additional pasta entree that you could take home with you. Lasagna! Perfect to take home to DH.  Now I am off the hook to cook and more time to sew, right? It didn't work out quite that way since I was feeling quite sluggish after eating my Ziti and splitting Chocolate Zuccotto Cake, cake layered with sambuca chocolate mousse, iced with chocolate frosting and dusted with cocoa powder. It looked like half a cake!

As great as the food looks the best part of lunch was catching up with dear friends. The waitress had to come around 3 times before we were ready to order. She noticed and commented that we were have so much fun (giggling as she called it) I call it pure enjoyment of each other laughing.

Quilters Gallery Blog Hop Party Updates 
      In the mail:
  • NurseBrandy's paper pieced stocking (Sew Mama Sew Giveaway)
  • Nann's Chickadee applique kitty kit, Fun and Done ruler and pattern, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, fun pickup tweezers and special soap (Quilters Gallery Blog Hop Party) 
      I won the following Give Aways:
  •  Jerusalem Notes: Fiber Work By Debbie - a gift certificate to The Quilt Show for $24.95 - I redeemed my certificate for 6 months membership. I am looking forward to viewing all the Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson shows with their guest quilters. I have already downloaded some of their BOMS!
  • A Hugs' Delight - "The Big Book of Patchwork - 50 Fabulous Quilts" by Judy Hopkins - I love my quilting books! 

Look how cute this Christmas tree is! The balls are rolled stripped fabric. Thank you to my special friend who gave it to me during our lunch time at Maggiano's!

My loosely woven fabric ball of selveges. If I tightened up the ball and created more balls imagine the bigger Christmas Tree one could make. While visiting my favorite local quilt shoppe I noticed a basket full of balls that they were selling as pin cushions. Now I have a new idea for some of my scrappy pieces.

Wishing all a happy day sewing, quilting, getting ready for Christmas, cleaning, tending to children, or whatever your day entails.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great lunch and lots of laughs with friends. My girlfriends and I do the same thing. That is so neat that you got a extra entree to take home. Congrats on your great wins!


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