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Friday, December 30, 2011


Today I received a comment about all my finishes! I love finishes! - when a project is finally completed! What is floating in my mind is all the unfinished projects surrounding me! Can anyone relate? Every opportunity that has been made available I having been working towards a finish - the Heart Block Swap Quilt. I should have this top finished but I had to take time out to help my DH paint! The paint project is outside and can only be done when the temperature is above 35 degrees. We have been scrambling to get it done before the real winter weather sets in. Usually in NC it begins in January and the weatherman is showing that it is indeed coming next week. 

Okay so I am enjoying my time working along side my DH and seeing an almost finished project! It doesn't matter what the project is I love seeing it finished. But it isn't finished yet! 

This morning I walked into my quilting studio/office to work toward a finish and two things went through my head. One, I can't work in here! The messy chaos had reached mountainous and disastrous proportions. How can I even think or create in this place? Two, once again I realize that my place is too small but I'm not willing to move it into another larger room. DH groans and says, "I think I know what that means." "No not yet," I told him. So this morning I reorganized to cut the clutter and arrange for easier movement to the ironing board and the design wall. 

I believe this arrangement will allow me the mobility that I need. 

Did you notice on the design board the heart blocks and sashing are sewn together? Now I'm deciding on how many borders and what colors they will be. Definitely something purple and green to balance out all the pink! It looks prettier on the bed than on the design wall. It will be a "great make me feel better quilt" when under it!

I realized as I was putting the quilt top together that I received these lovely heart blocks in a swap in late 2010! This will make quilt top #6 that will need to be quilted. Guess what I am dreaming for? Look!

I am off to finish some bookkeeping that I do for a non-profit organization. I love working at home! Once that is done I can begin thinking about planning and cutting borders and getting closer to one more finish!

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  1. I love finishes and I love starts.....it's the in between that sometimes turn into a struggle. Nice neat sewing space and I'm lovin' what I'm seeing on "all" your walls!


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